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My 2016 Mileage Earning Credit Card Strategy

close-up of several credit cards

Every year, I enlist the credit cards I am using and the ones I am junking. Here is the list of cards in my pocket at this point of time. I’m surely on the look out for more opportunities to earn miles and points, so help me filter this list further to make it better!

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My 2015 Indian Credit Cards Mileage Earning Strategy

Credit Cards play a huge role in earning miles in the current scenario around India. Here are all the credit cards I am spending on currently, along with my rationale for each of the credit cards. Have a look.

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Air India status upgrades via SBI Card are back

A few days ago, I reported that the promised tier upgrades and status matches for Air India, which are available via their co-branded card with SBI were not going through. There was either a technology problem, or there was a snap of relationships between both parties. We don’t know. However, I’ve been hearing since yesterday days, that people have started to get their upgrade confirmations via email, for status earned via spend on Air India. This looks like it is sorted now. However, for me personally, something seems to be off, as my account is locked out. Which definitely points towards a technology upgrade of some sorts that may have happened at the back end. For those of you who…

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AI SBI Card having trouble processing tier upgrades on AI

One of the differentiating features of Air India’s co-branded card with SBI Cards is the tier upgrades you get on Air India Flying Returns every time you spent another INR 5,00,000 in the membership year. You get Silver Status for the first INR 5,00,000 and Gold Status for the next INR 5,00,000. This is now equivalent to Star Alliance Gold status, with Air India having joined the Star Alliance. SBI Cards in fact also launched a status match program for the holders of other airlines status in the meanwhile, I am assuming with Air India’s approval. Everyone who hits the INR 5,00,000 mark receives a kit automatically, because these were processed straight through back in the day. But recently, a…

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My Credit Card Strategy 2014 update

In the beginning of the year, I wrote my credit card strategy for 2014. I’ve been meaning to give a mid-year update, but not been able to do so far. Anyhow, lets take a look now at how things are going, and what may be the plan ahead. Here are the credit cards I already have, and my view on them. Citibank PremierMiles Visa (Keep): This is my favourite credit card all around, and if you’ve poked around this blog, you would have noticed I love this product. I intend to keep it and use it as my primary card to book airline tickets and make use of all the special Citibank promotions that come 3-4 times a year, such…

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Status Match available on Air India Flying Returns

SBI credit cards started to issue Air India co-branded credit cards last year, and they are maybe one of the best airline credit cards out there from an Indian perspective. Take an example, if you get the Signature version of the card, you get: 20,000 Air India miles to start-up on payment of first year annual fees 1 Air India upgrade voucher on sign-up 20,000 Air India miles bonus on spending INR 3 lakhs in the year 20,000 Air India miles bonus and Air India Silver Club status on spending INR 5 lakhs in the year 50,000 Air India miles bonus and Air India Gold Club status on spending INR 10 lakhs in the year Air India / SBI Cards…

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My 2013 Indian Credit Card mileage wins

I know it is a little late in the day to put out a round up for 2013, but I thought I’d do it anyways. I did not get the time to put a post earlier than this, but all I can tell you is we are lucky to be living in times when the mileage earning game is just about getting started in this country. And I am happy to be on board earlier rather than later. For the rest of you, miles and points are not just a silly hobby, but they can finance a lifestyle if you did all the right things. For the longest time, for 10 years or so actually, India just had one major…

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The hidden traps of having the Air India SBI Credit Cards

I somehow do hate it when various companies do not give full disclosure on their products. The flavour of the season has been the Air India SBI Credit Card, where the issuing company took a lot of time to come out with the first set of cards. Check out my post a few weeks back, where I discussed the launch of the card, which is also now being used by SBICards as a customer problem resolution centre of sorts with stock replies! Now a couple of things I could not find out on the website, or I was not informed about when I was signing up for the credit card. First and foremost, when a credit card company states that…

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