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How I earned more than 1.25 million miles in 2016!

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Last year, I clocked more than a million miles. A lot of them without being on a plane. Here are the details of how it was done, and perhaps, you could do it too!!

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An insight into my miles and points balances

As I reached another 7-figure benchmark on the total number of miles and points I control (my own and my family), I thought it would be a good idea to do some slice and dice on the data for my own self to be able to understand where I stand, and for you to have an insight as well. For the purpose of this exercise, I just downloaded all my balances from AwardWallet, and assigned the same value to all the miles there. So, an Air India mile = An AAdvantage mile = A Hyatt Gold Passport Point = an IHG point. In reality they are different, because for instance you need much lesser Hyatt points to stay at a…

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Mileage Earning Credit Cards in India: 2014 comparison

Last year, I managed to put together a worksheet where I wanted to be able to help you all compare the various mileage earning credit cards in India, as per your spend patterns. Since then, a lot has changed in terms of products out there in the market. Some of these included the launch of the SBI/AI credit card, and the scaling down of mileage earning on ICICI Bank Jet Airways credit cards. I’m now happy to put out version 2 of the worksheet, which you should be able to access via Google Sheets. Like always, here is a quick primer on how this works with a few simple inputs: Step 1: You’d need to select if you are Jet…

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Which is the best Indian mileage-earning Credit Card?

The quest for the best Indian mileage-earning credit card has been on going. No one throws 50K miles our way to sign on a credit card here. Back in January, I created a calculator for everyone who wanted to figure out which was the best credit card according to their usage of credit every month, for travel and everything else. At last count, I had over 1,000 people using that calculator to make their assessments or validate their choices on which credit cards to pick for earning miles in India. Things change all the time, such as mileage earned, so I’ve tweaked the calculator accordingly. Here is the new version of the calculator, accessible from my Google Drive. The earlier…

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Citibank PremierMiles enhances mileage earning from June 2013

I’ve been an ardent fan of the Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card. I believe its a secular mileage-earning credit card, and pays you a good amount of miles for your travel spends, specifically airline bookings, and I rate it high up there in my mileage earning CC 101. However, I’ve been disappointed a bit this past year, since they lost Jet Airways as a mileage transfer partner, and capped off the limit for mileage earning on tickets to Rs. 500,000 per annum, amongst other devaluations. However, seems like some of these changes are out of the window, and there are some real ‘enhancements’ in the true sense of the word and not how rhetorically airlines/credit cards/loyalty programs use the term these…

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Lufthansa ties up with Axis Bank for Miles & More co-branded card

Lufthansa had a partnership with IndusInd Bank for the Miles & More co-branded credit card, something they got as a legacy of IndusInd inheriting Deutsche Bank’s credit card portfolio in India. However, this partnership is coming to an end on 30th June 2013, as per a new notice put out on IndusInd website. Like I mentioned above, the new partnership for the LH Miles & More credit card is materialising with Axis Bank. As an outcome of this, if you don’t switch to the new credit cards, your earlier earned miles on the IndusInd M&M cards start expiring. Axis is bringing out their M&M card in two variants, the M&M World Select & the M&M World card. The Select variant…

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Find your best Mileage Earning CC in India here

Last week, I wrote the Mileage Earning 101 – India Edition 2013, where I had provided you my views on all the credit cards you could use to earn miles in India. I got quite some feedback and requests, including one for a calculator. That prodded me to pull out an old worksheet from 2011 and add some columns to it, adding all the new information available to it. I hereby present to you Version 1.0 of the worksheet, which you can directly access from Google Drive here. Here is how to use it with just a few simple inputs: Step 1: Input if you are a JetPrivilege Platinum Member or not. Step 2: Input your monthly domestic spend and…

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Finally, a credit card which earns me lots of miles in India!

I’ve been on the case for looking out for a GOOD mileage earning credit card out of India for a few years, but I think I finally have found one. Mileage earning is not a big phenomenon in India, at least not as much as the USA. However, for a few of us travel nuts who like to be in the know and optimise ‘travel well’ while still not paying a bomb, this is an important tool in the wallet. There are all sorts of travel cards in India now, but I was just not going to go out to sign up for a few for the heck of it. If mileage earning is based on spend, then I could…

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