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Burn those Air Berlin TopBonus Miles on Etihad

an airplane on the runway

Air Berlin is on their last legs and will operate their last flights shortly before closing out. However, there is one last opportunity to use your Air Berlin miles, courtesy Etihad. You have till November 17 to make up your mind on the redemptions but could fly till March 2018. Here is how.

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How I earned more than 1.25 million miles in 2016!

a street with buildings and a tower in the background

Last year, I clocked more than a million miles. A lot of them without being on a plane. Here are the details of how it was done, and perhaps, you could do it too!!

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Etihad Airways Partners launches unified loyalty benefits & products

a tv on a bench in a plane

Etihad and the 7 member carriers of Etihad Airways Partners, including Jet Airways and Air Berlin have formally launched the Etihad Airways Partners’ alliance benefits today. Here is a lowdown of all that you can expect across all the 8 carriers with effect from today.

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