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Mumbai: INR 150 Amazon voucher for booking a cabride via Olacabs

One of the new things that Ola has taken from the Uber playbook is to help hail regular licensed cabs via their app. A few weeks ago, they started to offer the ability to hail black-yellow cabs which are licensed cabs in Mumbai, via the app. Ola has apparently seeded the market with a lot of devices with taxi drivers that help the taxi drivers get a ride via their app. Except, in this case, the ride is metered like a regular cab ride, and paid for in cash. Ola has gone about town popularising this service, and putting in a good amount of cash in the hands of drivers to make sure they accept rides via the Ola app.…

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Will Olacabs compensate for my time?

There are good times and there are bad times, and then there are ugly times with cab companies. One of the reasons I depend on chauffeur driven services is because it helps me be more productive since I can just continue to work while they get me to my destination. In Delhi, all the more I need to depend on one because there are no taxis that I can flag down the road and make a move. Last week, one such day, I was reminded how things can go horribly wrong and the service providers would just leave you to the mercy of the Gods, maybe. I had a meeting to make it to, and I only had my mobile…

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Previewing Ola Luxury Mumbai

Like I wrote a few days back, Ola Cabs recently started to offer a Limo service in Mumbai, giving themselves a headstart over Uber which will be launching in Mumbai soon as well. I wanted to try out the services, however, had a tough time getting my hands on one of their few cars which are on the road right now. Reason, I figured was most of these cars are positioned in suburban Mumbai, and I live in South Mumbai. So, my first experience with them only happened past Saturday, when I could finally snap one of their cars which might have made a ride into South Mumbai. You can only book via the app which is available for iPhones…

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Olacabs cashback of Rs. 75 per booking for 2014

A few weeks back, I had written about the opportunity to receive Rs. 75 as cashback everytime you used the taxi aggregator OlaCabs around India. At that point of time, it was valid only till till the end of 2013. However, I recently checked and there is a renewed opportunity to earn Rs. 75 as cashback everytime you make a confirmed booking for OlaCabs (Local Taxi, Local Rental or Outstation Rental), for the foreseeable future (the next 4 years actually!) You could register yourself at CashKaro.com, and then search for Ola Cabs on their website. After you have selected Ola Cabs, click through their website and go to the OlaCabs website. From here, you can make a taxi reservation just…

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OlaCabs launches Luxury service in Mumbai, Delhi is next!

OlaCabs, the Indian cab aggregator service which has been modelled on Uber, has been out there preparing to give Uber competition in the premium sedan segment for a while. Hence, Ola Luxury was launched in Bangalore in September, right after Uber picked it up as their launch city for India. Now, while Uber is preparing to come to Mumbai, Ola has taken the battle to Uber’s camp by launching Ola Luxury in Mumbai first. Their premium fleet includes car brands like Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes and Toyota Camry at the moment, and more coming soon. In terms of pricing, OlaCabs is offering the first two kilometres for a flag down cost of Rs. 250, and then Rs. 20 per kilometre.…

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Get Rs. 75 Cashback on booking an OlaCab

OlaCabs is offering a cashback opportunity via Cashkaro.com, where all you need to do is book your OlaCabs for Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai or Bangalore via their website and click through to the Ola Cabs website. This is an easy way of saving some of the costs of travelling with an OlaCabs provided taxi. All you have to do is go to Cashkaro.com, register, and then look up Ola Cabs on the website. After you have selected Ola Cabs, just click through the website to go to the Olacabs website. Your cashback tracks within 48 hours usually, and you get paid within 3 months usually. Not bad for the regular users I say. If you are a first time Olacab…

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