Vistara launching new co-branded cards in partnership with SBI Card next week

Approximately three years after the launch of the Axis Bank Vistara co-branded credit cards, Vistara is making new moves in the co-branded card segment again. Next week, Vistara is tieing up with SBI Cards to launch the second co-branded credit card partnership.


The new card will be launched in two variants,

  • Club Vistara SBI Card
  • Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME

In terms of earning potential, the Club Vistara SBI Card will earn similar to the base variant of the Axis Vistara card, while the Prime will be similar to the mid-variant of the Axis Vistara card. The cards will offer welcome bonuses and milestone benefits similar to the other cards co-branded with Club Vistara.

Once we have the complete card features and information next week, expect a full updated post on the card details and criteria.

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