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Here is how to link your Passport to your Covid-19 vaccine certificate in India

Indian Passport

It is evident by now that to travel internationally, one would have to expect to show a fully vaccinated status to the other countries over some time. However, the Indian Covid-19 vaccination certificates did not display the passport numbers if one used another national identity document to register for the vaccination drive.  One of the most asked questions so far, then, has been about how to link the passport to the certificate. Now, thanks to updates on the Cowin portal, this is possible. Here is how to link your passport to your Covid-19 vaccination certificate if you get your vaccine in India. The information was shared on the official Twitter handle of the Aarogya Setu app. Now you can update your…

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Why repatriation flights are not being organised from every city in India which has an airport

air india 787

People are annoyed that they are not able to make it to the charter flights being organised to repatriate Indian citizens. Here, I try and explain why repatriation flights are being operated only from a few airports as of now.

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Indian airlines are getting away with a LOT in the times of the Virus

The time to EFFECTIVELY regulate the airlines is now, but unfortunately, they are getting a free hand at doing a lot of things which they should not be doing at the moment. Consumer protection is not how it should have been during the times of CoVid-19.

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Don’t book tickets for travel from May 4, 2020 at the moment

Time for the same thing to go round and round. Airlines have opened booking for flights from May 4, 2020 onwards, however, our advice remains the same. Don’t book a flight ticket at the moment if you don’t have to. You never know if this flight is going to take off or not.

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How to maximise your Groceries spend while sitting home?

Grocery Credit Card India

Here is how you can get the most number of miles and points with your cards these days, on what is perhaps the most exciting activity while sitting at home under this current lockdown. Maximise your points and miles and cashback while doing Grocery Spending. This is how.

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