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Club Vistara to have chart-based redemptions

Ever since Vistara took wings, one of the questions I’ve been asked is how does the loyalty program, Club Vistara, work? I’ve been able to piece together the earning part of Club Vistara. Eventually, since there were no hints or announcements about how does redemptions on Club Vistara work, I reached out to Vistara executives to ask about the redemption plans for Vistara’s loyalty program. To put it in context, there are 3 kinds of loyalty program models prevailing in the industry: Mileage based: Where you earn miles basis number of miles you fly, usually 100% of miles flown, and redeem on the airline metal or other airlines using a chart which calculates what is the price for a redemption.…

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Club Vistara points are posting

Club Vistara, the frequent flyer program from Vistara seems to be getting off the ground. I took a paid flight with them last week, the inaugural flight for the airline, and they added up the points for the flight and the welcome bonus pretty quickly. However, the points for booking on the web took about a week to post. The interface for the website is pretty rudimentary at the moment, and I hope the airline is working on making a better website. For instance, I can’t even see which flight I got the points for, and all I see is the sector. I hope this gets better and quicker. And while we know how to earn Vistara points, there is…

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A Detailed Look at the Club Vistara Program

A few days ago, I had put out the first glimpse of the Club Vistara program, the revenue-based frequent flyer program for the new airline Vistara, which is taking wings on 9 January 2015. Now, here is a first look at the Club Vistara program and how it will operate. Enrolment: Membership is open to members of all ages, except that if you are/you have kids below 18 years of age, the parents need to sign a consent form before enrolling the kids. Like I mentioned earlier, you get 500 points when you enrol for the program and take your first flight within a month. Points Earning: It is widely known by now that Vistara will have a revenue-based frequent…

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Vistara Unveils their A320 product and experience: First Look

They intend to be the Louis Vuitton of Indian aviation, my words, not theirs. Just this morning, I was over at the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi to witness the unveiling of the in-flight product and experience from the latest Indian airline waiting to take to the skies, Vistara. It was an interesting presentation, but I did not come back with much that they promise to do which only they do, and not others. Apart from the Premium Economy cabin class of course. The Product: Like I mentioned a couple of days ago, Vistara will be the first Indian airline to carry a Premium Economy product. The plane will be a 3-class configuration. Business Class: Vistara takes pride in a…

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Club Vistara: India’s first revenue Frequent Flyer Program offers 500 points for signup

This is known by now, that Vistara is taking wings as of January 9, 2015 with a special Delhi-Mumbai flight. I also posted a while back about the inflight experience a bit. Now, lets come to Club Vistara, the frequent flyer program for the airline, which will be India’s first revenue-based frequent flyer program. Out here, we already guessed the name right a few months ago. The program will have 3 tiers: Club Silver Gold My guess, looking at the loyalty program’s dashboard is, that you need to earn 25,000 status points to get to Silver, and another 25,000 Status Points to be able to make it to Gold Tier. The benefits, are unknown and the website does not talk…

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Vistara’s loyalty program to be called ‘Club Vistara’?

Vistara, the newest Indian airline, and a new full-service airline to come into India after a long while, is going full swing to get off the ground at the earliest moment possible. They recently got their first plane delivered, an A320 by the registration number VT-TTB, and VT-TTC is also going to be over shortly. One of the interesting parts of an airline for me and this blog is the loyalty program. I’m personally loyal to a few airlines, and I think loyalty programs to lead to repeat traffic for customers. For Vistara, it seems Club Vistara may be the name they choose for their loyalty program. They recently signed up with social media handles with this name on Twitter…

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