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Free Club Vistara Gold Status for HDFC Bank Infinia card holders

Club Vistara is offering a 1-year upgrade to Club Vistara Gold for HDFC Infinia card holders, and Silver status to HDFC Regalia card holders. While the hard benefits are limited, there are soft benefits such as random upgrades. Here is how to get the Gold status if you qualify for it.

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Club Vistara: Why I might not be an elite anytime soon here

So, Club Vistara has been in the making a few months now. First came the name, then the earning details, the program design, then just yesterday, the redemption chart. My criticism of the earn-burn ratio is known by now and I’ve gotten tonnes of private feedback about the program since last night. One thing I always tell readers of the blog, airline honchos, travel editors and anyone who cares to listen… Loyalty is a two way street. If I’m asking for it from you, then you’re getting it from me. -Harvey Specter (Suits) But there are a lot more interesting things which make me thing if they’ve wondered and thought through the whole program before announcing it. See, a loyalty…

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Now you can earn KrisFlyer miles for Vistara flights

One of the first discussions that happened after the launch of Vistara, was the close affinity that Vistara and Singapore Airlines share, and hence the fact that they will partner in terms of a loyalty program engagement. At the launch event in December 2014, the airline did announce Singapore Airlines/Silk Air as one of their first partners, and when I recently discussed Club Vistara with them, they indicated a partnership was coming soon. And it happened a couple of days back. From 30th of March 2015, there is a partnership which is live between Vistara and Singapore Airlines, which allows for the fliers on one airline to earn miles on the other’s frequent flyer program. Here is how you can…

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1000 Club Vistara points for flying Delhi-Hyderabad return

Vistara, the new full-service Indian carrier, just took off less than 2 months ago, but they are launching destinations with a fast speed, and they are receiving A320’s pretty fast too. Just earlier this week, on Sunday, they started to fly between Delhi and Hyderabad, and for a limited time, which is somehow unmentioned how long, they are offering 1000 bonus Club Vistara points on the route for making a round-trip. Since there is no news on how does the redemption chart work on Vistara, I am not fully convinced yet on the value of accruing so many Vistara points, but I am sure they come handy some day soon. Any one of you flying Vistara on the new routes…

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Vistara offering 2x Club Vistara points to try out Premium Economy

Vistara launched a new product in the Indian domestic aviation market, which is the Premium Economy cabin, and was never seen in Indian aviation before. However, initial feedback has not seen enough great reviews and the travellers have found it to be a glorified Economy Plus rather than Premium Economy. You can read my review of the inaugural flight here. To encourage more people to try out the Premium Economy offering, Vistara is now offering 2x points on Club Vistara to passengers who fly on Premium Economy between February 5, 2015 to March 5, 2015. Here is how Club Vistara earning and burning works. All Premium Economy flights across the network are eligible for the offer, and the promotional bonus…

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