Club Vistara is posting physical membership cards

When Club Vistara started, it differentiated itself in many ways from other Indian frequent flyer programs.

  • First to directly link number of points earned to revenue paid and not to distance flown or a percentage of it.
  • First to go fully digital on the proposition of the cards being offered to members.

Now, while the program has changed ever since in its short existence, but they have insisted on a digital card so far. They did start giving away physical upgrade vouchers when they introduced those vouchers six months ago.

However, it turns out, now the airline is also dispatching a physical membership card, at least to Gold and Platinum elites, in light of their extended relationship with Singapore Airlines, which may require a physical card to be presented.

Here is the package a Gold member received recently.

It seems I still have to wait for my kit to arrive Smile but this would be essential to get benefits from Singapore Airlines such as lounge access I believe.

Have you received your new Vistara elite cards? What are the contents of your kit?


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