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British Airways’ “The Welcome of Home” campaign

British Airways loves the Indian community. No wonder, they come up with a campaign or few every year to show their love for the Indian community. Some of the nice ones in the past include the one for Valentines Day this year, and one of the best was the The Ticket to Visit Mom campaign which they put out last year.   Now, they’ve just come out with a new one, which chronicles the journey of an Indian expatriate in Canada, coming back home. And it is another great one! India is the second largest market for BA outside of the UK, so no wonder they keep up the engagement with these tearjerkers. I personally have no issues flying BA,…

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FlyDubai offering 25% off on round trips from India

FlyDubai is a low cost carrier based in Dubai, and owned by the Government of Dubai. FlyDubai operates a Boeing 737 fleet to 83 destinations around the Middle-East, Central and South-East Asia. FlyDubai operates from Mumbai (today onwards!), Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kochi, Lucknow and Thiruvanthanapuram to Dubai (and onwards). Now, FlyDubai is offering a special 25% off if you book a roundtrip from India to Dubai, and register on their Facebook page, from where they send you a special 25% discount code. Now, tickets to Dubai from India are usually cheap, and FlyDubai is selling them for about INR 15000 from Mumbai without discounts. With the discount code, you can further make it INR 12000, which is a very good…

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Air India gets on to Twitter

Air India has been taking baby steps into the world of social media. Last year, they worked to get their presence on Facebook established. This year, seems Twitter is the project for them. While there are multiple handles on Twitter which claimed to be Air India, Air India has now established @airindiain as their official Twitter handle, and this is now a verified handle as well. What kind of inputs to expect from Air India here right now? It seems clearly this handle is being operated by a social media agency on behalf of Air India at the moment, so they sporadically reply at the moment and issue apologies on behalf of Air India, but no real information is shared…

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Comparing @Jetairways, @Indigo6e and @flyspicejet

I recently discussed the new presence of Indigo on Twitter, which makes it the fourth domestic airline from India to get on Twitter. The other ones, in the order of their Twitter account being established are/were: @JetAirways (2008), @FlyKingfisher (2008), @FlySpiceJet (2009) and now @Indigo6e (2013). Now, I am no social media expert, but I thought I’d share my thoughts and experiences with you on all the Indian airlines on Twitter. Twitter, in my view, is a broadcast-engagement channel for individuals and businesses now. It came a long way from being microblogging, where one put out one-liners about what they were feeling or doing. Maybe my views are colored by my great experiences with @AmericanAir and @DeltaAssist, with whom I…

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