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List of all the Repatriation Flights operating between India and UAE (July 12 – July 26)

an airport with airplanes on the runway

Are flights to the UAE open you asked? From July 12 to 26, there will be an extensive number of flights being operated by Emirates, Etihad, Air Arabia, FlyDubai, Air India Express, IndiGo and SpiceJet to take Indians back to the UAE and vice-versa.

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FlyDubai offering 25% off on round trips from India

FlyDubai is a low cost carrier based in Dubai, and owned by the Government of Dubai. FlyDubai operates a Boeing 737 fleet to 83 destinations around the Middle-East, Central and South-East Asia. FlyDubai operates from Mumbai (today onwards!), Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kochi, Lucknow and Thiruvanthanapuram to Dubai (and onwards). Now, FlyDubai is offering a special 25% off if you book a roundtrip from India to Dubai, and register on their Facebook page, from where they send you a special 25% discount code. Now, tickets to Dubai from India are usually cheap, and FlyDubai is selling them for about INR 15000 from Mumbai without discounts. With the discount code, you can further make it INR 12000, which is a very good…

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Saudi Arabia to open domestic skies to foreign carriers

An interesting development is taking place in Saudi Arabia, something at least I haven’t heard of in another part of the world so far. Saudi Arabia’s Aviation department is considering a move to open up the domestic skies to foreign carriers who may want to operated in Saudi Arabia, to create new capacity in the 27 million strong market for flying. Till so far, the Middle-East country only has Saudi Arabian as a full-service carrier, and Nas Air as the secondary carrier. A third carrier sama shut down last year after huge losses. As per reports published in the ArabNews and The National, the Kingdom is proposing to initiate a tender process in January 2012, which will allow various airlines…

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