British Airways’ “The Welcome of Home” campaign

British Airways loves the Indian community. No wonder, they come up with a campaign or few every year to show their love for the Indian community. Some of the nice ones in the past include the one for Valentines Day this year, and one of the best was the The Ticket to Visit Mom campaign which they put out last year.

Now, they’ve just come out with a new one, which chronicles the journey of an Indian expatriate in Canada, coming back home. And it is another great one!

India is the second largest market for BA outside of the UK, so no wonder they keep up the engagement with these tearjerkers. I personally have no issues flying BA, except the visa problem, which I was informed was solved earlier this year, but I am still waiting for an official update from the UK High Commission.

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  1. Aniket

    are you sure about this being official?earlier also if you have usa and the like in your itinerary there was no need for transit visa. The question is if you are traveling to Europe on a short stay schengen business/tourist visa do you need transit visa or not

    the D category mentioned in your link is long stay visa i think.This is not the type most people get when go to europe

    so i wont book a ticket on ba just yet for a eurotrip

    • @Aniket, I don’t see a change yet, and the only communication to me is from the BA India team on this yet. I hope the UK embassy can fix the website soon to make it official!

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