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Presenting… the Runway Musical!

Indigo, India’s best-run low cost carrier, recently spread its wings international. Personally, for me the airline has been associated with good service and the cool factor. They just put up a new commercial on air which brought the spunk around one more time, and it shows how the airline works in a choreographed fashion to put up a good flight show!   Enjoy it here!  

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Hello 6E!

If that sounds like anything but an airline code, I would not blame you. But truth be told 6E is a sexy airline to fly. Okay, don’t get ideas here. They are professional, fun to fly with and honestly trying to get you to your destination in time, that is all! I haven’t flown much of Indigo this year, because I thought I was going to fly Jet Airways as much as I could. But with Jet chipping away member benefits of their frequent flyer program one by one, I saw reason to diversify. This has only been my third flight with Indigo this year, but I have another three segments booked up in the upcoming month, like I shared…

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Vacation travel in India: Is this a case of demand-supply or simple profiteering?

I feel foolish, and a little bit annoyed, but mostly angry! I am the guy who books his Diwali tickets months out to be there with the family in Delhi during the festive season. It is like that one fixture which is completely fixed on my calender. This year, due to some work commitments, I was not being able to pick the final date to fly out to Delhi. By the time I could, look what had happened already…. The very expensive fares remain. A day or two before I checked, 31 Oct was going for only 17K INR!   Jet Airways was gone for sure. The day I was booking my tickets, the 31 October fares were quoting only…

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Its a firesale: Jet Airways and Kingfisher reduce fares on routes where Indigo will fly!

I finally begin to sense a pattern here, and this is clearly thanks to the new kid on the block: Indigo (6E) which started its international operations as of September 1, 2011 with a DEL-DXB flight. Indigo already has a schedule in place to launch flights to Dubai, Muscat, Singapore and Bangkok over between September 2011 and October 2011 from Delhi and Mumbai. Here is a post I wrote about Indigo turning 5 and getting ready to go international. Indigo has started to offer INR 9,999 and equivalent fares in other currencies to celebrate this milestone. Here is an extract of the launch schedule from their website. Indigo, being an all Airbus A320 fleet, will fly the same aircraft to…

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IndiGo turns 5!

One of my favourite airline in the Indian skies is Indigo, and they turn 5 this August. Ever since they first took to the skies, Indigo has been on the low-cost, point-to-point model and essentially promising a no-nonsense, professional travel experience!¬†And have they delivered or have they delivered!? Yes, they are best on-time performance airline in the industry, and the professional experience they offer has helped them sky-rocket to the number¬†3 spot as per marketshare for all domestic airlines in India (June 2011, DGCA). Indigo made waves when it first went out to order a 100 Airbus A-320s to build one of the largest Airbus fleets in India. They are inducting one plane a month right now, and this is…

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