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Lufthansa will retire many 747s, A340s and A380s ahead of schedule

The CoronaVirus crisis is causing cuts at one of the biggest airlines around the globe. Lufthansa has decided to ground a large chunk of their A380, 747-400 and A340 fleet, apart from cuts across group airlines, closing down one brand and grounding many single aisle aircraft as well.

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Lufthansa Group airlines planning to cut 50% flights and ground A380s, assuring of flexible rebooking options

Lufthansa, as one of the biggest aviation groups globally, is planning to take unprecedented steps to counter the CoronaVirus has on its financials. The airline plans to cancel up to 50% of their flights and ground their entire A380 fleet in the coming days.

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Will you pay INR 1.7 Lakhs for a fake Business class seat to Frankfurt?

Lufthansa used to operate a flight between Pune and Frankfurt using a Boeing 737. They cancelled that contract and stopped the flights to Pune. Looks like they have come up with a creative but sad solution. They will use an Airbus A319 with intra-Europe Business class to operate this route from November 1.

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