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Lufthansa: Less Indian than you think!

Lufthansa claims to be more Indian than you think across their marketing communications in India. And then, they have in many instances where their Indian customers are treated at the bottom of the ladder when travelling from Europe to India. Just last week, they refused a solo Indian passenger a hotel room because she was travelling alone. In July, they made a couple wait for two days in Frankfurt, because they had a misconnection on Lufthansa. No rooms or compensation again. What gives, Lufthansa?

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JetPrivilege cutting ties with Turkish, Lufthansa & 2 Star Alliance members

JetPrivilege continues to cut relationships with other foreign carriers, including 4 Star Alliance carriers which will be off its earn and burn roster by the end of this year. These include important carriers such as Lufthansa and Turkish. Here is all that you need to know.

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Lufthansa’s A380 to Delhi takes off from today

A few days ago, I wrote about the teething troubles Lufthansa was facing with starting their A380 operations to India. First, their Mumbai plans got nixed with Emirates getting the slot. Then, someone threw the rulebook in their face and the paperwork to bring the A380 flights to Delhi was not completed in time for the winter schedule cutover, which was implemented a week ago. Anyhow, I’m glad to report the mess is now sorted, and Lufthansa is all set to fly their maiden A380 flight to Delhi today. Here is how the schedule will look like going forward for Lufthansa’s Delhi service with the A380. LH760 FRA1340 – 0130+1DEL 388 DLH761 DEL0330 – 0720FRA 388 D That makes Emirates,…

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