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Pay for Jet Airways tickets with your Amex and get 5000 JP miles!

Jet Airways recently hopped on to the American Express bandwagon. This meant you could now transfer your MR points to Jet Airways in India. Although, like always with any card tieup in India, Jet Airways JP miles are priced higher than the other conversions like Kingfisher or Air India Flying Returns. However, to celebrate their alliance, Jet and AX have come together to make a new online offer for booking ‘revenue’ tickets on Jet Airways. From now until October 31, 2012, if you booked tickets on using your American Express card, you could potentially earn 5,000 JP Miles in your Jet Privilege account. All you got to do is to book tickets worth INR 100,000 (USD 2,000) on your AX,…

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Sign-up to save Jet Privilege, here!

The ongoing changes to Jet Airways FFP are just a small episode in the saga that has been playing out for a while. Over a period of time you must have found me singing praises of their service levels, but also the difficulties in getting benefits as a frequent flyer with Jet Airways. Here are some of the issues faced in the past: Non-availability on Jet Airways F for mileage redemption Limited availability on Jet Airways J for mileage redemption Upgrades don’t clear Parity in redemption for Jet Airways and Jet Airways Konnect (the low-cost brand) Except for the first issue, I can personally vouch for each of these issues to have happened to me. Considering I do not have…

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Erosions to the Jet Privilege frequent flyer program – one privilege at a time!

If you live in India and fly domestic often, you always really had the choice of aligning with one of the three major domestic airlines: Air India, Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines. Air India has been much in the news already for their lack luster service, management issues and the run-in with the Star Alliance. Kingfisher’s claim to fame is its glamour factor and the association with the beer major Kingfisher! Its financial troubles are well-known too. However, it is still keeping its head above the water. The only full-service Indian airline then which has made real progress over the past years has been Jet Airways. They’ve managed to put their wings out of India at various destinations, and a…

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