Pay for Jet Airways tickets with your Amex and get 5000 JP miles!

Jet Airways recently hopped on to the American Express bandwagon. This meant you could now transfer your MR points to Jet Airways in India. Although, like always with any card tieup in India, Jet Airways JP miles are priced higher than the other conversions like Kingfisher or Air India Flying Returns.

However, to celebrate their alliance, Jet and AX have come together to make a new online offer for booking ‘revenue’ tickets on Jet Airways. From now until October 31, 2012, if you booked tickets on using your American Express card, you could potentially earn 5,000 JP Miles in your Jet Privilege account. All you got to do is to book tickets worth INR 100,000 (USD 2,000) on your AX, over the period of the promotion, and make sure you quote your JetPrivilege membership number everytime you book. Jet Airways or AX will do the book keeping, and consider the Base Fare, Fuel Surcharge and Congestion Charges part to count for the INR 100,000 amount which has to be acheived over a period of time.

Every time you get the 100,000 number, you get 5,000 JP miles bonus. The bonus only gets credited after the travel date. What you got to note, is that the travel date has to be also within the 31 Oct, 2012 period set for this promo. The miles, will take a few months before coming so it will be a while before you got to use them!

And since this is a Jet Airways promotion, obviously, you do not get the JP miles on usage of other co-branded AX cards like the Kingfisher AX Credit Card/Kingfisher AX Corporate Card and the Air India AX Card. Hence, I intend to be using my AX Gold Card for this promotion over the next 11 months I will be travelling with Jet Airways. I easily see quite some free miles coming my way!

All the fine print is listed on the Jet Airways website.


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  1. If they are priced higher than the other airline, whats the point of “potentially” getting 5,000 after spending $2,000? How much is 5k pts worth?

    • @Mike, 5,000 miles could be an added bonus for someone like me who travels on the airline regularly, but not a goal in itself to achieve. Plus, this 5000 is not coming as MR points but directly as JP Miles. 5K points would just buy you a BOM-GOI flight, but when you want to get those 94K Miles for a BOM/DEL-BRU-USA Biz class ticket, they count!

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