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Citibank, Axis Bank & American Express Credit Card Referrals in India

Citibank offering up to INR 9999 for member referrals in India Citibank ran a pretty lucrative member-get-member promotion earlier in the year, where they offered the originating member (who made a referral INR 2,500) per card referral which was successful. Citibank is now back with a new promotion, where you get INR 2,000 per card referral which is successful, up to 5 cards for INR 9999. I think the INR 9,999 limit comes into play because at INR 10,000 or more, they’d have to start doing Tax Deductions and issue TDS certificates as well. You need to have an existing Citibank Credit Card or Citibank Savings Account to be able to make a referral. The person you refer to, should…

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My Credit Card Strategy 2014 update

In the beginning of the year, I wrote my credit card strategy for 2014. I’ve been meaning to give a mid-year update, but not been able to do so far. Anyhow, lets take a look now at how things are going, and what may be the plan ahead. Here are the credit cards I already have, and my view on them. Citibank PremierMiles Visa (Keep): This is my favourite credit card all around, and if you’ve poked around this blog, you would have noticed I love this product. I intend to keep it and use it as my primary card to book airline tickets and make use of all the special Citibank promotions that come 3-4 times a year, such…

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Reader Question: Amex Plat Travel v/s Citibank PremierMiles,what is better?

A reader Ajay posted a query on the Reader’s Questions page a few days back about the best credit card to pick to generate miles on travelling. Here is the little ping-pong we’ve had so far: Ajay asked: Hi Aj, I want to get a new credit card and it looks like the AmEx Gold Charge Card and CitiBank Premier Miles card are the best available options. What would you suggest I get? Here is some information to help you help me make an informed decision! 1. I travel 1-2 times a month domestically and 1-2 times a year internationally.2. I have FF accounts with SQ, Jet, and Emirates but don’t have a lot of miles on any as I…

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Sunday Plastic: The American Express Gold Charge Card

I’ve been planning to start a review of all the travel credit cards in India for a while now, but various things have kept me busy to be able to commit some time to this. But, it is a go now and I hope to update it as frequently as possible. I will start the series with The American Express Gold Charge Card this week. I got this card when the benefits on the Kingfisher First American Express card were modified. American Express revamped the Gold Charge Card in 2011, and made it one of the most competitive charge card products in the Indian market. Except for people who get their company-sponsored American Express cards way back, people usually did…

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And now its American Express India’s turn to downgrade Membership Rewards

Sigh, it is the season of downgrade of benefits and American Express does not want to be left far behind from the pack. They have decided to close 2011 on a high note by sending me (amongst several other) cardmembers with a very nicely wrapped letter which has 2 layers of envelopes before you get to the letter itself. Now you think, this arriving right after Christmas must be Santa Amex Claus sending you a Lotto ticket to win in the MR sweepstakes. But all it comes to is an intimation on the downgrades which kick in a few weeks from now. If you’ve been reading up about my American Express Gold Card adventures, I’ve been pretty happy with them so…

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Pay for Jet Airways tickets with your Amex and get 5000 JP miles!

Jet Airways recently hopped on to the American Express bandwagon. This meant you could now transfer your MR points to Jet Airways in India. Although, like always with any card tieup in India, Jet Airways JP miles are priced higher than the other conversions like Kingfisher or Air India Flying Returns. However, to celebrate their alliance, Jet and AX have come together to make a new online offer for booking ‘revenue’ tickets on Jet Airways. From now until October 31, 2012, if you booked tickets on using your American Express card, you could potentially earn 5,000 JP Miles in your Jet Privilege account. All you got to do is to book tickets worth INR 100,000 (USD 2,000) on your AX,…

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