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Jet Airways ICICI Bank Credit Card is better than the Jet Airways HDFC Bank CC

I wrote a couple of hours back about the ICICI Bank Jet Airways credit card being available. I jumped the gun in calling it is a boring card. Have a look. Sapphiro version: Highest end card offered has a bonus of 10,000 JPMiles on your Jet Airways ICICI Bank Credit Card + 5,000 JP Miles if you apply before September 30, 2012. (Better than HDFC Bank) A Jet Airways Complimentary Domestic Air Ticket as a joining benefit. (same as HDFC Bank) Get 5,000 bonus JPMiles + Complimentary Domestic Air Ticket as a renewal benefit. (Better than HDFC Bank) Enjoy premier check-in for all domestic flights of JetAirways. (same as HDFC Bank) Enjoy a 10 kg additional baggage allowance on all…

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Details out about the new Jet Airways ICICI Bank card

The full details of the Jet Airways ICICI Bank credit cards are going to be a short while away, the formal launch of the credit card happened yesterday, and some details are out as per the reports in the press and on the website of ICICI Bank. Here is what I can gather from the press so far: The cards will be offered in three different variants – Sapphiro, Rubyx and Coral in partnership with American Express and Visa, with JetPrivilege card members allowed to convert daily purchases to flying miles. Customers will have the option to apply for a standalone American Express or Visa Credit Card or enjoy the benefits of applying for both cards with a single application.…

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The Jet Airways ICICI Bank co-branded cards, coming soon!

Jet Airways and ICICI Bank tied up for a co-branded credit card, along with their tie-up with HDFC Bank and American Express in July. The HDFC Bank version of the credit card, which came up in August, has not exactly been creating ripples in the market. At the time of announcing their tie-up with HDFC Bank, Jet Airways had also stated that they are working on a co-branded product with ICICI Bank. Now, it seems this is going to be coming up soon. Here is a sneak preview of things to come I caught on the ICICI Bank website, after reader sameer sounded me off via a comment in an earlier post. So, heightened expectations again. I am trying to…

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Jet Airways’s announces new credit card partnerships with 3 banks

About 7 weeks back I informed you about the on going trouble between Jet Airways and Citibank and how their 12-year long credit card partnership was coming to an end with effect from 15th July 2012. I had hinted on the partners in the works on this FlyerTalk thread, and both my predictions have come true! Now, the new tie-ups have been announced just in the nick of time, just like Jet Airways promised, but it looks like 2 out of the 3 are still work in progress. I don’t thing either of these 3 banks is going to be jumping with joy at their partnerships, since they will obviously be able to offer airmiles as rewards to their customers,…

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