Reminder 2: 3 days to Jet Airways ICICI Bank upto 5k bonus!

I know everyone is excited about the new Jet Airways American Express Credit Cards which were launched a couple of days back. I’ve got tons of mail and tweets and phone calls asking about the cards. I will get down to dissecting all the 3 cards for you folks soon.

At this point of time, I wanted to remind you, that if you are looking at the ICICI Bank credit card in tie-up with Jet Airways, you should apply or call up for your card upgrade now, since the November 30, 2012 deadline is close for getting the extra bonus with the card. You could read all about the extra bonus offer here.

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  1. hey AJ,

    Thanks for the quick revert…

    I totaled up the points on jet airways… It was an exact match it i added up the first swipe and threshold bonuses of 5000 points each. (So not that much spends…)

    I had gone thru all your posts regarding the new cards. I also visited banks’ websites for all the details. As i said earlier, i already have ICICI-Jet card (both varients) and am looking at the AMEX-Jet card.

    Can you please spell out exactly how the other cards give better earnings compared to HDFC-Jet World card. As per my understanding, Jet points are the same everywhere. Apart from that, 65-70% of my spend is on utilities/fuel and retail purchases.



    • Amex is giving you 6 JP miles per 100 rs, while hdfc is giving you 6 jp miles per 150 rs. And ICICI is giving you 7 JP miles/ 100 spend till 2013 October.

  2. Hey AJ,

    This is regarding my Jet HDFC Bank World Card. I got my first statement dated 6th November 2012. It mentioned that i had earned 16007 reward points and they were transfering 15862 points. However, in my Jet account, it does not show a block transfer of 15862 miles. However, there are many credits named “JP HDFC World Spends JPMiles” and “JP HDFC Titanium Spends JPMiles” about which i had written to you earlier.

    I called up HDFC Bank helpline and was informed that since the statement was generated on 6th November, it would take at least one month for the points to be transfered.

    However, I am not so sure. If possible, please tell :

    1. Does this card transfer points en bloc (like Citibank-Jet card did)? Or is it done on per purchase basis?

    thanks and regards

    • @Goyal, it is done on a per day basis. so, if you shopped worth 5k rs at different places on one day, 200 points would be credited on that day. Btw, those are a lot of miles 😉 you should look at the ICICI/Amex and the Amex card if you spend that much… way better earnings

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