Jet Airways ICICI Bank CC: Increased Sign-up bonuses till Nov 30

You must be wondering why I haven’t spoken much about this card yet. A few weeks back I’d detailed the launch of the Jet Airways ICICI Bank Credit Card range, and also how it was a better product than the HDFC Bank Jet Airways Credit Card. Somehow, the actual delivery of the card to the customers was delayed, but I now hear things are all good to go, and card applications are all set and being processed.

ICICI Bank had launched a pre-booking offer, offering 50% bonus on the welcome miles they were going to provide. So, with the highest end card, i.e., Sapphiro, you could earn up to 5,000 bonus JP Miles over and above the 10K you were already going to get.

That promotion just got extended, as per the Jet Airways website, however, now labelled as an Introductory offer. Have a look at this screenshot for the Sapphiro. Similarly, there is a 50% additional bonus on the other 2 variants as well.


If you are a Jet Airways miles collector, this is a good card to have, provided you have the patience to go through the initial rigmarole of getting it!

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  1. I recently cancelled my Citi Premier Miles credit card after having used it for two plus years. I was among the first batch of people who would have paid 5000 bucks for it when it first came out (Nov/Dec 2010). The proposition worsened over time and sometime towards the end of 2012 I decided not to renew the card.

    I applied for and recently received the Jet ICICI Sapphiro Card. Contrary to what others have experienced (going by your blog) my application was pretty smooth and I received the card in a little under 3 weeks from the time of application. I guess things got sorted at ICICI’s end by the time I applied.

    With the pre-booking/introductory offer this card and the comparable Amex offering are essentially the same, i.e 33 paise per mile which is a very sweet deal. The reason I didn’t apply for the Amex is that I never saw the additional 10000 miles offer on their site despite being a regular visitor to their site (I currently use the Amex Gold Charge Card). Had I seen it I would have purchased 30000 miles for Rs 10000 instead of purchasing 15000 miles for Rs 5000 with ICICI.

  2. @AJ Thanks for the prompt clarification. I only wish Jet & HDFC were this quick ;). Called up HDFC and they had no clue! So I am guessing its Jet who are revalidating.

  3. @AJ Looks like all the “Titanium” worded credits on my JP account have been removed. Just lost close to 1000 miles. Are you seeing the same in your account as well? I hope its just a system glitch and they credit the miles back. Dealing with Jet & HDFC customer service is a pain.

    • @Manish, don’t worry. someone (i dont know jet or hdfc) is revalidating all of this and will bring it back in 10 days i am told

  4. ICICI hard sold me this card as their wealth management customer…their relationship manager convinced me and said the card will be in my hands in 2 weeks…now after 2 months almost am still waiting and even on escalating to the top brass at ICICI cards , all i get is lies and stories of where the card is delayed including delays from the plastics supplier to technical system issues to god knows what not…even post assurances from the head of products at the bank he failed to deliver the card on the said date….ICICI is just a bog bank with unprofessional staff and amateurish the writer is correct…you need to be bloody patient to get this one but chances are if you are a serious miles collector -by the time they deliver this to you , one would have flown over 15000 miles already to the minimum minus the perks…

  5. @goyal, hdfc does not have this cap, and icici says on a case to case basis they will uncap for free. so you should give a try when you hit the 60k number. don’t worry about the hdfc titanium bit. it is computed correct but displayed wrong. i see it myself as well.

  6. Hey AJ,

    read your post about icicibank jet airways card…

    I already have a HDFC Bank-Jet World card. Have also applied for icici jet sapphiro card. While going thru the details on jet website, one thing caught my eye. It was regarding the cap on miles at 60000 per year. And an additional fee of 7500’to uncap it. Just wanted to check if HDFC card also has a similar cap?

    Another thing…

    While booking jet tickets thru HDFC card, i see some credits as HDFC titanium and some credits as HDFC world when i check my JP statement online. Should I take up the matter with HDFC or with jet?

    Can send you a screenshot if I can have your email Id.

    Thanks and regards


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