Deal: Business Class Fares from 8 Indian Cities to Dubai @ 50% off!

Dubai is one of the most favourite destination of Indian travellers, and traffic on this route is full all through the year. A lot of people also just go to Dubai and not just travel through Dubai to the rest of the world. Serving this market is the second carrier of Dubai, FlyDubai.

FlyDubai is a boutique airline, aiming for the short-haul & medium-haul market travelling to Dubai, being serviced out of the Terminal 2 of Dubai Airport. They are almost exclusively occupying the terminal apart from a few small other carriers operating there. As an operator of the Boeing 737-800 series only, they have a fleet that flies from Dubai to Bangkok in one direction and Eastern Europe and Africa in the other direction.

FlyDubai destinations

FlyDubai destinations

From India, they fly from Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Trivandrum & Kochi.

Each plane has 12 business-class seats which come with pre-fitted 12.1 Inches IFE. At the back of the bus, there is another 162 seats in a 3-3 configuration. They even have their own lounge in Dubai.

FlyDubai Business Class (Courtesy

FlyDubai Business Class (Courtesy

I haven’t flown them anytime yet, but it seems now there is the perfect opportunity to fly them and try them out.

FlyDubai is offering up to 50% off on their fares across the network on Business Class, and that means some very cheap fares from India for the rest of their network. But Economy is working out to be super cheap too! The sale is open for booking through September 26, 2017 and travel through October 27, 2018.

FlyDubai Business Class Sale

FlyDubai Business Class Sale

So, like you would see, I was able to locate Business Class flights between Mumbai and Dubai for INR 33000, which is a steal for two months down the line. When you go further into the calendar, there are also dates which go all the way down to 25K INR roundtrip. Not just that, if you become a member of their Open loyalty program, you could get a further 5% discount on the flight fares.

Business Class FlyDubai near dates

Business Class FlyDubai near dates

For comparison sake, I found Business Class on Emirates to be quoting at INR 50K for the same dates and across the season. So, I’d encourage you to go and see if this is a fare that works for you.


From whatever I’ve read and heard from friends, FlyDubai offers a reasonably solid product in the mid-end of the market, with some great fares to match. The current Business Class fares promotion is a nice opportunity to book some great fares into Dubai and beyond on FlyDubai.

Do you spot any nice fares on FlyDubai that you will be booking up? 

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  1. Hi Ajay,

    Not disagreeing with the price point def being lower than in Emirates but a comparison between flydubai and Emirates (hard or soft product wise) isn’t apples to apples. Infact I’m not sure I’d even spend that much on flydubai at all.

    I’m not sure I would’ve clicked on this post if I’d seen flydubai in the title. “fly to dubai” led me to assume its an article about deals on Emirates.

    Also, don’t you think calling FlyDubai a “boutique airline” is an overstretch and glorifying? It’s a low cost carrier with a (food court type) lounge and a FF program.

    Just my two cents. Big fan of your blog!


    • @Rishabh, I never said Emirates. For all that you know, it could have been Indigo or Jet Airways as well. And we are talking about their J class so it is not back of the bus in this case.

  2. What about Passport & Visa formalities to be complied with? please leave instructions/ guidance as to comply with the same?

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