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Spending time at the British Airways HQ in Waterside, LHR

After a lovely welcome by American Airlines, a little party in the Flagship Lounge at JFK, a shower at the American Airlines Arrivals Lounge in LHR, we were all set to go over to British Airways. We received an interesting email a few days ago from BA, which had a boarding pass in a PDF file. I got seat 2A, I am sure they looked me up from my handle on MilePoint and Flyertalk which is A2A! Some of us wanted to check out if we could check in at Terminal 5, LHR. Here is what they got But we sure did manage to check-in on the staff bus of British Airways and find our way to the Waterside HQ…

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BA Executive Club increases tier points as a part of program overhaul!

By now, you should have already had a look at the new BA Executive Club cards that I posted on the previous post. They look swanky, I’d say. According to the Business Traveller, who got access to the Executive Club overhaul of BA, there are quite a few interesting changes to the EC program. Let’s have a look at some of them: Tier Points on long-haul flights: Full-fare long haul flights in Y used to earlier get 60 tier points. This now has been increased to 70 tier points. The multiplication bonus of 1.5x for World Biz, 2x for Club World and 3x for First passengers stays. Introduction of Super long-haul band: For flights over 6,000 miles, a new super…

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The new look British Airways Executive Club, its here!

The day which a lot of people have not been looking forward to. Burn Baby Burn (the movement to redeem BA miles before the new look Avios set in), is officially over. Like you read here earlier, the BA program is changing. Here is a look at the new cards that are going to grace your wallets, sock drawers or wherever you keep your Frequent Flyer cards….. I like the look of the Gold card, though, you have to wait up for my next posts to know if you and me could have it in our pockets or not. Welcome to Avios!!! Hat tip to BusinessTraveller

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BA switches from BA Miles to Avios Points as its loyalty currency from November 2011

The merger of British Airways and Iberia, which was agreed upon in April 2010, was obviously going to lead to synergies amongst the two carriers, but the mileage programs did not see it yet. And now, BA and Iberia have something to show on this aspect. Since both the carriers are going to operate under their own brands, so the Executive Club, BA’s loyalty program retains its name. But BA is promising to change the way you can earn and spend on BA. And it looks like it is taking feedback on the way. Here is a part of an email I just received from the Executive Club, We know how important the Executive Club is to our customers, and…

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