British Airways’ new mushy video & up to 70% discount for 2

First and foremost, get that pack of tissues handy. British Airways released a new video commercial this morning, targeted at the Indian market called Go further to Get Closer. Have a look:

British Airways has clearly stepped up their India efforts over the past year, having recognised India is the second biggest market for them outside the UK, the other big one being USA.

Now, here comes along an interesting offer as well, where BA claims to give you up to 70% off on tickets for 2 to the UK. This isn’t an online offer, so I made a friend make a call BA, and for a random date in June 2014, the offer price was at about INR 45,000 per ticket (roundtrip), which compared well with their own website where a similar itinerary was pricing at INR 56,558 per head and on any OTA at about INR 62,500 per head.

Additionally, my friend was told that the discount is being offered on the N and S fare classes, with one of these fare classes getting a 35% discount and the other getting a 70% discount on the base fare.

I haven’t spent much time figuring this one out further, but I’ll look at it more closely in the days ahead. In the meanwhile, anyone booking a ticket for two to London on BA?

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  1. today I read in news paper that BA give 70%off to & from u.k.trip,if the tkt bookd within 28th Feb-14.Is it true…if so…I would like to send my wife to Birbingham( where my children stay)….. whAT WILL BE THE FARE ROUND THE TRIP IN mAY-14…….Mr.Nair

  2. @Ajay Agree on your point. Not blaming BA for the situation the family is in. Just that India is a widely diverse country and loads more positive stories and role models. Not sure what were the range of stories submitted.
    To be fair, I saw the last advert, ‘A ticket to visit mum’ , shed a tear at work, and booked a ticket to fly to India to visit my mother. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry but the ad misses the mark. Shows a woman who really needs to work on her relationship with her husband and stand up for what she wants rather than be walked all over. And also a husband who should have the B@%%s to ask for some privacy with his wife.

    I have many friends in India who live with parents and extended family who have the most respect and love for their parents, take goodcare of them in their old age AND also have a respectful and private marriage at home. I am sure BA could have picked some better story. Like my colleague perhaps, who with his wife, saved up to send his parents to Switzerland for their 50th anniversary.

    • @JayM, I won’t try to defend the advert but just put some more insight into how they were selected. it was a contest which was run on a non-named basis by the guys who eventually produced the vider. these guys won the contest, they got the prize from BA, and in return agreed to be shot for this video. So, if that is there story then it ain’t BA’s fault that the couple was in circumstances that they were in.

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