Giving away 2 passes to the British Airways Silent Picturehouse Gala in Mumbai…tonight!

British Airways brought their Silent Picturehouse to Mumbai earlier this week, the second country after the UK that it was organised. The intention of this event was the familiarise people about the on-ground and in-air BA experience, considering India is one of the 3 biggest markets for BA globally.

I popped in yesterday to see the show myself, and I was pleasantly surprised at the magnificence of the event. See, I’ve loved BA from the time I visited their headquarters a couple of years back, and that was the airline that introduced me to the Champagne Taittinger, something I still look forward to when transiting London at the BA Terminal 5 Lounge. And it was the free flowing beverage of last evening.

The concept of the Silent Picturehouse involves lounging around at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai, where BA has erected a big setup to make visitors acquainted with the BA products on ground, such as their lounge experience, and show three Bollywood movies which you can wear a headphone and tune into.

At arrival, I saw this huge red carpet for my welcome. We were handed out boarding passes after checking our names on the manifest (else there was a bouncer to throw us out as well!!) Subsequently, we walked around for a while, enjoying their menu for the event. There were 3 screens put up for the evening, showing 3 different Bollywood Movies. More details on the movies here.

Photo 17-12-13 22 11 06

Once we were ushered in, I talked around with the British Airways ambassadors and crew, who were all very excited about being in India. Hey, the Regional Commercial Manager for India, Christopher Fordyce was here too. It was interesting to hear out some people and their BA experiences. The crew was very engaging, and we chatted over a few drinks about the importance of India to BA.

We were brought along canapes and drinks, named on Bollywood lines. It was interesting to go over the drinks menu! Needless to say, I was on the Taittinger all through the evening.

Photo 17-12-13 21 23 01

It was complemented well by the selection of canapes, which included a reproduction of their Sliders (mini-burgers) at the T5 lounge as Keema Pav.

Photo 17-12-13 20 19 30

There were also the bars, which were excellently stocked with Whiskeys and Champagne. Surprisingly, when I requested the waitstaff to send me over a Cola, he responded they did not have any. I went to the bar and got one myself, and my conclusion was that there is nothing better to wash down fish & chips and onion rings, than a glass of Coke with lime.

Photo 17-12-13 21 25 42

The outside screen, in the 20 Degrees C Mumbai breezy weather was the perfect place to watch a movie, but I wanted to go inside and watch another movie instead!

Photo 17-12-13 19 54 32

Photo 17-12-13 20 21 40

Photo 17-12-13 21 02 29

Now, not just that, we could bring ourselves more stuff to munch upon as well, and me and my friend decided to get some more canapes for the 2 hour long movie screening, where we were going to tune into the audio via headsets.

Photo 17-12-13 20 39 25

Before the screening started, there was also the airline touch again with cold towels being given away!

Photo 17-12-13 20 40 32

All in all, it was a good time off from the very busy work schedule I’ve been handling over the months.

You could be there tonight

British Airways gave me away a couples pass to have two people over in Mumbai to visit the Gala event tonight (18 December 2013), where Karan Johar would himself be there. I’d only give it away to one winner, who can bring a +1 along. To win, all you have to do is to drop a line here in the comments section:

“Which movie do you want to watch at the BA Silent Picturehouse tonight?”

And your 3 hints are here.

Your entry needs to have your full name, the name of the movie as well, and you should be able to make it to Worli, Mumbai tonight at 7 PM! And yes, I am the final judge, and I close the window for entries at 4:30 PM IST.

You could also follow me and tweet me @LiveFromALounge with the #SPHMumbai hashtag to be eligible to win, in the same format!

All the best, and I might see you there tonight!

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  1. Looking to see “Dostana”…

    As a potential convert to OneWorld now given the fact that LH and United are playing games with elite status and redemptions, I am a prime candidate to take BA flights nowadays, given their 2x frequency from EWR!

    Waiting to see if I hang with AJ or not tonight…

    Dress code???

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