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Review: Hotel Intercontinental Marine Drive, Mumbai

a building with many windows

Last weekend was an overwhelming one, mostly for reasons that a strenuous travel schedule for this year was coming to an end, and it was the birthday of my partner and I’d decided to surprise her. I was just off a 9-hour flight less than 12 hours ago, and while I don’t get jetlagged, I was running on 2 hours of sleep. So, I thought checking into a hotel was going to be a better bet than staying home or going out, also to give vent to some of my own intentions, that I never get to stay in a hotel in Mumbai! Coming to the hotel, I missed the mark with catching the 7-day out rate, and got inside…

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Last day to book your Priority Club Awards on the old rates

Priority Club, the loyalty program of the Intercontinental Hotel Group, decided to readjust their loyalty program this year again in January 2013. They moved from a brand-based system, to a category-based system, where each property could cost differently depending on the category it is going to be housed in. Here is the earlier redemption chart (pre-18 January 2013): and here is the new one: Now, I pulled up the information for the various IHG properties in India, and most of the properties do see a downward readjustment, so it makes sense to book these properties with the new rates and you can do that online at Brand City Priority Club Points (Old) Priority Club Points (New) Difference Crowne Plaza…

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Its raining 40% off sales from SPG, Intercontinental and of course Hilton

Just when vacation plans are already locked in and I’ve made quite a few reservations for the coming days, there is a flurry of sales that have hit my inbox today. I figure some of you may be interested in taking another vacation slightly cheaper. SPG has announced a resort sale in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean which offers up to 40% off for bookings made till July 6 and stays can be made till September 30, 2012. About 70 resorts are taking part in this promotion. Obviously, if you click the link all of them look good, the pictures make them look good! The Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa, Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel and quite some…

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Rumors spark about an upcoming Marriott and InterContinental hotels merger

It is the job of financial analysts to spark rumors, and after the big bang talks of US Airways/American Airlines being one entity, here is another analyst looking into the crystal ball. According to analysts at Numis, which is an independent investment banking firm, IHG and Marriott could room together at some point of time because their expansion plans look similar. IHG runs over 4,500 hotels globally while Marriott operates 3,700 properties and the analysts estimate that the combination will lead to 9pc of global room supply. As per a report in the Daily Telegraph yesterday, Asking whether the two could “room together”, analysts at Numis thought that “hotel industry consolidation is inevitable at some stage” and considered a merger…

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Win free nights in the IHG contest for India, Mid-East and Africa

Free nights everywhere, and now in your part of the world. Intercontinental Hotels launched a new contest in February which offers its patrons in India, Middle – East Asia and Africa to win weekend packages and free nights in these countries. As always, a social media contest like this is pretty easy! They want you to log on to Facebook, and you can choose between, and Once there, hop on to the Memorable Weekends tab, upload a picture, describe why it is a memorable weekend for you, and get your friends to vote. You could upload pictures to all of the brand pages as well, but the prictures can’t be the same on all of them. Pictures…

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The 2 Month Grace Period for Priority Club Reward Nights

Like you know by now, IHG has went ahead and adjusted their Reward Chart, to take effect from 18 January 2012. I also indicated there that if you want to take the benefit of the old award chart in the case of the 25% IHG properties where the cost of awards is going up, you do have a 2 month grace period to book on the old chart via the PC service Centre till March 18. This has now been confirmed by the Loyalty Traveler on MilePoint. He states after a chat with IHG officials that: Priority Club members have a 60-day window from January 18 to book hotels through the customer service center at the old lower cost or…

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PriorityClub Reward Nights devalued and 2 months grace period

A few hours ago I blogged about the PriorityClub Reward Nights valuations being readjusted. However, at that time, Priority Club seemed to have forgotten to put up the award charts on the table. They did do that shortly after and here is how the new chart looks like: IHG has usually followed a hotel brand based redemption level, and in this latest round, they’ve just added more tiers in the redemption tables. I’d have assumed this would have happened after the points they minted away in last year’s promos. Here are the key changes, which are going to affect about 25% of the hotels: Candlewoods at 20K (New 20K tier added) Intercontinentals at 50K (New 50K tier added) Holiday Inns…

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