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The 2 Month Grace Period for Priority Club Reward Nights

Like you know by now, IHG has went ahead and adjusted their Reward Chart, to take effect from 18 January 2012. I also indicated there that if you want to take the benefit of the old award chart in the case of the 25% IHG properties where the cost of awards is going up, you do have a 2 month grace period to book on the old chart via the PC service Centre till March 18. This has now been confirmed by the Loyalty Traveler on MilePoint. He states after a chat with IHG officials that: Priority Club members have a 60-day window from January 18 to book hotels through the customer service center at the old lower cost or…

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PriorityClub Reward Nights devalued and 2 months grace period

A few hours ago I blogged about the PriorityClub Reward Nights valuations being readjusted. However, at that time, Priority Club seemed to have forgotten to put up the award charts on the table. They did do that shortly after and here is how the new chart looks like: IHG has usually followed a hotel brand based redemption level, and in this latest round, they’ve just added more tiers in the redemption tables. I’d have assumed this would have happened after the points they minted away in last year’s promos. Here are the key changes, which are going to affect about 25% of the hotels: Candlewoods at 20K (New 20K tier added) Intercontinentals at 50K (New 50K tier added) Holiday Inns…

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Speculation about devaluation to IHG Priority Club Reward Nights?

In the mail while I was sleeping was a mail from Priority Club, my monthly e-statement. Since there was nothing to reconcile, my eyes went out for the other big news that seems to have leaked out here, that IHG Priority Club Reward Nights will undergo a change in the coming fortnight.   The email stated: Effective 18 January 2012, Priority Club will make changes to the number of points required for Reward Nights. The email lead on to a link which brings me to the current Priority Club Reward Nights page.  However, nothing new reported here as of now. My sense is that PC might be changing the award charts and going for a devaluation perhaps? The Sunset that PC chose to send with this email…

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