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British Airways upgrades temporary catering from June 16

a box of food in a black box

British Airways is upgrading the catering services on their flights from June 16, 2020 onwards. This new boxed-service will be in place till British Airways is all set to bring back the plated and tray service. The timeline of a full return cannot be predicted so far.

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Is Jet Airways doing the ‘Return of the Tamarind Candy’ all wrong?

Long long time ago, a staple fixture on all the Jet Airways’ flights was a little basket full of tamarind candies, along with cotton for ear plugs. I never could have enough of them, and that was one of the things that went away when the economy went rough, and Jet Airways had to pick things to cut off from their in-flight experience. Now, as a part of the revamp of the airline, Jet Airways brought back meal service on all flights. Some short flights you get a cold sandwich, on long flights you get a hot meal. But the candy is back, and it has been staring me in my face on almost every flight since December 2014 I’ve…

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Jet Airways’ meal pre-ordering service does not work, no really!

If there is one wish I have in this lifetime, that is Jet Airways fixing its meal services. However, this post is not about that, but about their recently launched meal pre-ordering service. In December, Jet Airways’ started to offer meal pre-ordering for their premium cabin passengers, flying on international flights.  As per Jet Airways, you can pick a meal from the options offered online between 60 days to 2 days out. I was booked to fly with them in January to Vietnam on their newly introduced flight to Ho Chi Minh City, in Business Class. So, I decided to take a spin on this meal service. Over many days, I selected meals, however nothing stuck on the ticket. Every time…

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Get an on board meal free if you book your Indigo flight by 4 Jan 2015

Indigo is promoting its mobile app with a unique promotion. If you book a flight by tomorrow (January 4, 2015) using the mobile app, Indigo will provide you with a free on-board vegetarian meal (usually a selection from their on-board menu of a sandwich/snack and a drink). Of course, as the promotion states, you need to make a booking at least twenty four hours prior to travels. I don’t see any other terms and conditions or promotional codes to be used. I’ve always loved Indigo for their funky meal packaging, and here is my last experience flying Indigo a few months ago. Join over 4000 people who check-in daily to find out about the best in travel.Free emails (once-a-day) |…

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Jet Airways’ First & Business pax can now book meals on international flights

One of the recent enhancements that Jet Airways has rolled out, albeit quietly, is the ability to book your meals ahead of the flight. With effect from December 1, 2014, passengers who fly their First or Business class cabins on international flights will be able to pre-order a meal ahead of the flight, between 60 days to 48 hours prior to departure.   You can choose to book a meal when you are booking your ticket online, or using the manage your booking section on the flight. The choices work surprisingly smoothly. To take the feature for a test drive, I pulled up a reservation for later months, and here is what I saw… I further poked the Select Meal…

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A Jet Airways’ crew tries to sell a business class meal to an economy passenger

Sometimes I hear travel stories that are about going above and beyond, and sometimes I also hear about the rotten apples that bring bad reputation to a brand. Here is one of the latter. Jet Airways’ is all set to go back to being a full-service carrier. For them, one important part of this as per their plan is the on-board meal experience, which is something they are not performing well on, according to me. Vishal Mehra, an aviation hobbyist, recently took a trip from Delhi to Jammu and return on JetKonnect, and he was hoping the free meals were back earlier than expected. However, the on board buy-on-board concept was still active at the date of his travel. No…

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My Jet Airways Wishlist: consistent economy meal service

In case you did not get the memo, Jet Airways has been on the move again. After trying out a multiple brands model, it is coming back to becoming a full-service carrier. Here is how I see a full-service carrier v/s a no-frills carrier in India: Mileage accrual and status recognition for frequent flyer elites Priority services a premium service cabin such as business class meal service in all cabins ability to offer connections A few years back, I wrote a piece about Jet Airways cutting back on meal services. They were not eliminating meals, but progressively reducing the size of the meals, enough to make a snack size dinner. The reductions may not be prominent, but preserves are gone…

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