Jet Airways discontinues their tie-up with Subway & Krispy Kreme

Well, that de-escalated quickly! About 9 months ago, Jet Airways launched a tie-up where they partnered with Subway and Krispy Kreme, and on flights less than 90-minutes, they were going to serve donuts and sandwiches instead of meals from their own catering contracts with Airport kitchens. Looking at them, even Vistara tied up with Starbucks for premium coffee on board.

However, it turns out the contract did not last for long and was quietly buried. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a few opportunities to fly short-haul (less than 90 minutes) from both Mumbai and New Delhi on Jet Airways, and I never ever received one of these meals. All I got was their regular shorthaul meals which is essentially a cold sandwich in baguette bread.

IMG-20170317-WA0006 (002)

I thought it would be wise to check with Jet Airways, who confirmed today that those meals are gone for good!

I never even got one! Did you get any of those promised more-delightful in-flight carbs than 9Ws own catering?

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  1. Those who did not get the Subway and Krispy Kreme haven’t missed much as both of these were vile!
    The taste and quality was no where near what gets served in the brand shop.

    The new cold sandwich is not worth even looking at. (dry bread and two thin slices of cucumber Sandwich? lol)

    I simply ask for a kit-kat when flying in Y. The crew always carry extra kit-kat in their pocket as they know some pax will ask for them.

    The warm wrap on international long haul is marginally better is what I have heard.

    It would be foolish to expect anything (soft product) from Jet these days. They get me from A to B safely and on time and that is what matters the most.

  2. I second both the comments. Air India gave far better meals (taste, quality and choice) than anyone else. Vistara was very nice but I have flown only once (premium economy free ticket 😉 ). I also never got any subway or krispy kreme during any of my 12 short haul flights in the recent 6 months. I have always got this cold roll which after a bite tastes like nothing. I mean you are just chewing on something. There is actually no taste. I am flying out tomorrow. Good you reminded me. I shall carry my bottle of tabasco and add it to this cold roll.

  3. Subway & Krispy Kreme there or not but, undoubtedly the meal quality in Jet, short or long flight is very poor. i have written this here earlier.At times it feels like beggar. Though i am Plat frequent flyer of jet but in term of meals I feel that LCC are better then Jet, where you can buy quality food of your choice. And after this jacket episode they literally make you feel that you are travelling in cattle class.

  4. @ Jitu – I feel exactly the same way. Why they are so obsessed with rolls and wraps? Recently traveled on Air India and I was shocked to get way better meals than Jet. They served a tasty cutlet and medu vada with sambar but on sides took great care by providing chutney and sauce. Whereas Jet provided with a small kabab and 2 small pieces of rolls with no chutney/sauce.

  5. Its more like a gimmick. They advertised it more than it really happened. I never got any of those meals.
    Over past 3 years menu on shorthaul has been the same. For some reason Jet airways is obsessed with serving rolls/wraps. And it really tastes awful. Despite repetitive emails to feedback and guest relations they seem least concerned abput checking it.
    Vistara and Air India serve way better meals on similar routes. Too bad I am stuck to jet due to the temptation of platinum privileges.

    • I broke free ofvthe JP Platinum trap when Vistara offered a status match. I had a whole series of petty and insensitive Jet customer service experiences. Vistara is only getting better, network expanding and the international tie ups improving.

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