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Citibank Premier Miles Card changes and special promo on international spends

For those of you who have picked up a Citibank Premier Miles Card in its earlier shape and size, here is some good news and bad news. Citibank is commonsizing the old and new product, and hence, changing the mileage earning capability on the new card in the following manner: Effective 21st May 2012, Citibank has moved the mileage earning to earn 4 miles per Rs. 100 spent on non-airline categories, up from the current rate of 2.5 miles per Rs. 100. 10 miles per Rs. 100 at airlines continues, but now capped to airline spends of Rs. 5 Lakhs in a calendar year. For spends beyond this, you would earn 4 miles per Rs. 100 spent. It is not clear how will…

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Sunday Plastic: The ‘new’ Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card

A couple of weeks back, I reviewed the Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card for all of you. Too bad, as a fallout of the breakup between Citibank and Jet Airways, Citibank is forced to revise the product proposition, and the earlier product is no longer on the market. To help you choose if to go with the Citibank Premier Miles credit card or not, I review the new card product for you below. Citibank is currently offering to switch all existing Citibank Jet Airways Credit Card holders to this card product by June 30. Sign-up bonus: If you are signing on for the card afresh, you will be offered 2 complimentary ticket codes which allow you to book domestic flight…

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Burn Notice: Citibank and Jet Airways – friends turning foes!

I did not intend to put out such an attention-grabbing headline out here, but considering I feel cheated and walked over, I might as well. And that too with brands such as Jet Airways and Citibank which I profess all over the place. I’m glad this happened before I wrote my Sunday Review series on the Jet Airways Citibank Credit Card though. The bad news…something I can claim proudly I was ahead of the curve on. The Jet Airways Citibank Credit Card partnership, which is was about 12 years old, is over. Yesterday, a lot of Jet Airways Citibank Credit Card members received the following email informing them of the move: Dear Card Member, We would like to thank you…

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