Citibank PremierMiles: New promotion and Indigo redemptions

Citibank is notching it up a few levels with the PremierMiles credit card. If you remember, they offered double miles for all hotel and international spends for the period June to September 2012. Now, there is a new one. For the period 1 October 2012 to 31 December 2012, Citibank is offering to double the miles of its top 2,000 spenders up to 25,000 PremierMiles.

This being an opt-in promotion, one needs to pre-register by 30 November 2012 and only whose who register will have their spends considered for the promotion. Use this link to register, it takes you to the Citibank India website.

All spends done by registered PremierMiles Cardholders during 01 October 2012 and 31 December 2012 will be eligible for the campaign. Out of the registered card holders, top 2,000 highest spenders on Citibank PremierMiles Card during the period will be adjudged as winners, and will get twice the number of miles on all spends during the offer period. If you hold two PremierMiles Credit Cards, you can register both and use both separately as two different entries in the promotion, hence giving you an opportunity to earn more than 25,000 PM in the process. The detailed T&C can be read up in this PDF.

The original credit will be done in the billing cycle, but the ‘double’ miles (bonus for the winners) will be credited to winners latest by 28 February 2013.

Use your PremierMiles on Indigo website

From 12 September 2012 to 31 March 2013, you can redeem your pile of PremierMiles directly on the Indigo website ( at the rate of 0.50 Rs. = 1 PM. This is in addition to the ability to redeem PremierMiles on the website which includes Indigo as an option. So, this might lead to some new redemption options for those who want to use Indigo as an option to redeem their miles. For instance, you could either redeem a BOM-DEL flight on Indigo for 8,400 PremierMiles plus taxes using or price it at and directly debit PremierMiles as payment currency for these tickets, including the tax component. Here are the detailed T&C [PDF].


While I advised people against using PM to redeem for Jet Airways, out here things may not be so bad so you should always compare before booking the ticket.

Changes to Lounge Access via MasterCard

From October 1, 2012, Citibank PremierMiles will offer only 6 airport lounge visits per calender quarter complimentary for the cardholders with the MasterCard variant. Also, the arrival lounge in Hyderabad has been nixed from the list of lounges under the list.

However, the Visa list continues, and Citibank has, with reasonable certainty, confirmed that the contract to offer lounge access under the Visa Lounge access program will be renewed after 30th September 2012 (though I don’t see the changes on the website yet.)

So there you go, make sure you’re registered for the top spenders promotion.

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  1. So how much spend in the quarter would entail for the offer. I have a spend of almost 2.5lakh coming up, and thinking if i should charge the same to amex travel card or citi pm card.
    Any suggestions?

  2. Any guesses as to how much the 2,000th guy will have to spend to make the cut? And is there any requirement with regards to the number and periodicity of the transactions?

    • @Wannarb No idea, but that is what they want… Max your spending on their card with the hope to get the extra miles. Since this is an opt in thing, not everyone will sign up anyways!

      They are only looking at the total amount, so no periodicity but total amount spent in next quarter

  3. @AJ True but for an average Joe (spending 50-75K/month), putting all charges on single PM may be a wiser option to have any fighting chance of making it to the top 2000. I do agree if someone spends lacs in one go, they ideally should put them on two cards and go for 50K miles 🙂

  4. @Manish, I know people who can spend lakhs in one go and have two cards, so, if they register they will be in the list I assume. Why take only 25K miles when they can take upto 50K Miles or maybe even more.

  5. AJ, noticed the double miles promo offer on PM website yesterday and it’s on your blog today. Man you are quick! BTW wouldn’t you advice to use only one PM card for this offer to make sure one qualifies as top 2000 spenders? Or does Citi club both card spends and then prepares the top spender list?

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