Your Bonus PremierMiles have been posted!

I’ve said more than enough about my love for the Citibank PremierMiles credit card. You can read the review here. Back in May I had posted about a lovely promotion these bankers came up with to promote their credit card product. Since they already offered 10 PremierMiles per Rs. 100 on air travel, they added a 4-month long promotion, where international travel and any kind of hotel stays would have got you the same rewards as well. All the things that matter to a traveller, no? All the bonus miles were going to come in one big lot, which was supposed to be in November.

However, what can only speak for itself, they outdid their own commitment and all members should have already received emails from Citibank about the number of bonus miles credited to them. The credit has also been completed yesterday itself. I’ve maintained a spreadsheet of all eligible transactions, and looks like almost all of them have been credited. However, there are minor discrepancies which I will sort out with them soon enough I hope!

So, go check your email and tally up if all your bonus miles came just like they should have!

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