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2 years of OneWorld Emerald with the Citi Prestige Credit Card

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One of the many perks of holding the Citi Prestige Credit Card is the tie-up they have with BA, where members get a tier upgrade if they fly British Airways within the first year of membership. Also, they get 5000 free Avios, which is good for a short flight in most parts of the world.

Check here to see how this helps you get oneworld Emerald status.

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My 2015 Indian Credit Cards Mileage Earning Strategy

Credit Cards play a huge role in earning miles in the current scenario around India. Here are all the credit cards I am spending on currently, along with my rationale for each of the credit cards. Have a look.

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Etihad Gold till March 2016 with Citi Prestige

One of the key reasons for me to have signed up with the Citi Prestige Credit Card which was launched in India earlier this year, was the plethora of status it comes with in terms of travel. Some of it I need, some of it I don’t. One of the first requests I filed in to get a Status upgrade was on Etihad. Etihad offers Gold status, which is their second-from-top status to Citi Prestige Members. This could be useful for members in India since you are getting an alternative to Jet Airways’ Gold status, and it comes with pretty much similar benefits on Jet Airways as Jet Airways’ Gold status, apart from being useful on other airlines such as…

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Citibank doubling miles on PremierMiles to Prestige conversion

I have to admit I love it how things work out sometimes. I’m a Citibank PremierMiles fan, and I have been one since November 2011. We’ve had a little bit of our love hate in 2012, but I’ve come to terms with it and moved on to live with the new reality ever since. Now, I’ve earned a lot of PremierMiles over the years, but the only true redemption I’ve made has been last year, when I flew Singapore Airlines LAX-SIN-BOM in Business Class with them. Otherwise, the PremierMiles just lie in my account, and I transfer them whenever needed, since they never expire. Anyhow, so, last month I finally decided to apply for the Prestige, which I’ve loved since…

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The Citibank Prestige Officially Launched!

I’ve been a big cheerleader of Citibank’s credit card products, and earlier this year I posted about the Citibank Prestige Credit Card being launched in India. The product indeed seeks to take the premium product space that was vacated by the Citibank Ultima, which sort of went downhill last year. Citibank, with this product, has been put in the same league as American Express Platinum, which wants to target the premium end of the market, what they lovingly call the affluent segment. Anyhow, when I reviewed the product, I decided to get me one as well. However, I finally went about the process a few days ago and I just received my welcome package late last week which included the…

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Credit Card Review: Citibank Prestige India (2014)

A couple of months back, I’d put out some of the feelers I was hearing about Citibank Prestige being launched in India. I’m glad to report the rumours are mostly true! You see, Citibank went downhill with the Ultima, then decided to reinvent the product as the Citibank Prestige in India. Ultima will now be an invite-only card again going head to head with the American Express Centurion in India. The Citibank Prestige has been on offer since about a month now, and is looked at as a lifestyle card, however, I look at it as a great travel credit card. Lets have a look at all the features of this product. Citibank Prestige is offered as a Visa Infinite…

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