Delta SkyMiles is exiting Citi Prestige

CitiPrestige, ever since its launch in 2014 has been my go-to card for a lot of my purchases. One of the reason for that has been the distinguished list of transfer partners, something that not many other cards in India have.

Last month, I wrote about how Delta SkyMiles could finally be of use to travel to India (and of course, from India) to the US of A, given their new partnership with Jet Airways. Now, it turns out, Delta is leaving the only card partner they had in their portfolio from India, the Citi Prestige CC.


A notice posted on the Citi Prestige website updates us on the situation.


Which means, if you want to keep some stockpile of Delta SkyMiles, now is the time to initiate the transfer to the SkyMiles Account. Like I wrote in the earlier post, here are the redemption rates for India – US travel with one-stop connectivity on the saver levels:

  1. Economy Class: 40,000 SkyMiles
  2. Business Class: 97,500 SkyMiles

For India – Europe travel

  1. Economy Class: 35,000 SkyMiles
  2. Business Class: 65,000 SkyMiles

You could be routed on Jet Airways to London/Amsterdam/Paris and onwards on Delta/Virgin Atlantic/KLM/Air France


It is unfortunate to see this transfer partner go away, especially when it finally started to become useful! On the other hand, Delta is not a trusted partner to have in terms of airmiles, given their random devaluations overnight and their refusal to publish an award chart. A similar update is not up on the Citi PremierMiles website so I am not sure if this is impacting only the high-rollers with the Citi Prestige or all Citi cards.


  1. Hi Ajay. As you might be aware , enrollment into the Marco Polo Club requires a 100 USD fee , while directly enrolling into Asia Miles is free. The Citi Prestige website lists Cathay Pacific as a partner for points conversion. Can one directly send miles into the Asia Miles account , bypassing paying an enrollment fee for Marco Polo ???

    • @delhi_traveller, I agree with your assessment. Marco Polo is a recognition program, and Asia Miles is the currency part of it.

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