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Personal Electronic Devices on India’s airlines

A few weeks back I had written about the regulatory notification which modified the rules for the use of Personal Electronic Devices on airplanes while in flight and on the ground. Since then, I’ve waited for airlines to go ahead and execute the rules on the ground. I’m glad to report now it is no issue to use your electronics on board. Here is a collection of various domestic airlines and how they are implementing the rule at this moment: SpiceJet: SpiceJet was the first off the block. They claim they were the first to implement the revised rules, however they are allowing the use of PEDs/phones only above 10,000 feet even now. As per their COO, they don’t find…

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Jet Airways to withdraw bonus miles for web/kiosk check-in

Long long time ago, in 2008 or earlier, some genius inside Jet Airways, and I don’t mean it in a sarcastic way, figured the best way to reduce the crowd at the airport check-in counters was to incentivise people to check in via computers. And the incentive, they figured, was a bunch of extra miles. They started to award 250 bonus miles per sector to everyone who ever checked-in on a domestic or international flight via their website or kiosks (and SMS back in the day) on Jet Airways, and 125 bonus miles per sector for those using JetKonnect/JetLite. I’m assuming it worked well to influence the behaviour of people who travel with Jet Airways and JetKonnect and encouraged them…

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Jet Airways offers 20% off on reward redemptions till Sep 30,12

A couple of days back I wrote about the new benefits that Jet Airways was going to announce in the JetPrivilege program, and the official mailer went out last night to most members on the new program benefits. Most of the benefits are in line with the benefits I highlighted a couple of days back, except that the Priority Baggage Tagging benefit for Silver members was not there when the final mailer went out to members. In one stroke, from being a not-so-generous program for domestic flyers, it has become a good program to earn miles while flying across India, considering earlier you could only earn a paltry 142 miles on a BOM-DEL flight if you booked into the lowest…

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