Jet Airways offers 20% off on reward redemptions till Sep 30,12

A couple of days back I wrote about the new benefits that Jet Airways was going to announce in the JetPrivilege program, and the official mailer went out last night to most members on the new program benefits. Most of the benefits are in line with the benefits I highlighted a couple of days back, except that the Priority Baggage Tagging benefit for Silver members was not there when the final mailer went out to members.

In one stroke, from being a not-so-generous program for domestic flyers, it has become a good program to earn miles while flying across India, considering earlier you could only earn a paltry 142 miles on a BOM-DEL flight if you booked into the lowest fare class (W) they sold online. Since that is one of my most frequent sectors, I’d never used to feel bad flying another carrier while losing the miles as well. Now, you could earn the full 700 miles, so a 5x benefit. And like you know, each mile counts.

And while they were being generous, they also decided to launch a special promo valid till September 30 for redeeming JP miles. Yes, a 20% off for all Jet and JetKonnect domestic and international redemptions on their own metal, if you used the website and made the entire booking there. Which means a coach ticket r/t to go to London from Mumbai is now 43200 miles + taxes/surcharges as compared to the earlier 54000 miles. The savings is good enough to get another o/w domestic ticket to most corners of India. Also, an additional data point, redemptions start from as low as 4000 JP miles for their shortest routes.

While it has become very difficult over the years to find seats on Jet Airways for redemption, seems like they have become a little relaxed about it of late and a steady inventory of domestic and international economy seats is to be found, however the premium cabins still are erratic and you’d really need to keep an eye out for them. Trouble is, I can’t justify spending 43200 miles and INR 30K on a BOM-LHR-BOM Y ticket, especially when for INR 45K I can get a RT revenue ticket which earns me miles as well (not necessarily on the same carrier!). However, taxes/surcharges remain almost the same on a business class ticket, so I am happy to take that when it appears.

So there you go, enjoy the generosity from Jet Airways while it lasts.


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