Personal Electronic Devices on India’s airlines

A few weeks back I had written about the regulatory notification which modified the rules for the use of Personal Electronic Devices on airplanes while in flight and on the ground. Since then, I’ve waited for airlines to go ahead and execute the rules on the ground. I’m glad to report now it is no issue to use your electronics on board. Here is a collection of various domestic airlines and how they are implementing the rule at this moment:

  • SpiceJet: SpiceJet was the first off the block. They claim they were the first to implement the revised rules, however they are allowing the use of PEDs/phones only above 10,000 feet even now. As per their COO, they don’t find it safe yet to have phones on during take off and landing stages.
  • Jet Airways/JetKonnect: Jet Airways has followed a similar interpretation like SpiceJet, and allows use of PEDs/phones only while cruise phase of the flight. However, last week on one of their flights, I do not remember an explicit announcement for me to switch off my devices. Read their Terms & Conditions under the Usage of Mobile Phones section.
  • Air India: I flew with Air India last week, and they allowed the use of PEDs/phones in flight gate to gate. The advise during security briefing has been changed from switching off mobile phones to putting all devices with a flight safe/flight mode to the transmission off mode.

  • Indigo: Mobile phones are allowed inflight, gate to gate, however in flight-safe/flight mode. Other PEDs are allowed only during the cruise mode of the flight, i.e., above 10,000 feet. I don’t think this has been worded properly, because ideally even iPads and tablets should be allowed on throughout the phases of the flight.

Now, I haven’t been on GoAir in a very long time, and their customer service team also did not respond to my query yet. I will update this post when I get an update from them.

What has been your experience in using your electronic devices on board since this month?

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  1. Strange i find jet airways..i was in a flight del to blr yday morning and they asked me to take my corded standard iphone headset off though i was in airplane mode.. Is that correct?.

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