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India suspends visas for all foreigners through April 15, 2020

India has suspended Visas of all the nationalities across the globe, and this suspension will be valid through April 15, 2020, for the moment. Even OCI holders will be not allowed visa-free travel to India for the moment. Anyone entering the country may be put in quarantine for 14 days.

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Here is how airlines in India and across the globe are cleansing their aircraft in response to the CoronaVirus threat

CoronaVirus is causing airlines to upgrade their standards to ensure they don’t become the cause of the spread of the virus while maintaining essential services. Unfortunately, Indian carriers’ response to the situation has been found lacking.

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Lufthansa Group airlines planning to cut 50% flights and ground A380s, assuring of flexible rebooking options

Lufthansa, as one of the biggest aviation groups globally, is planning to take unprecedented steps to counter the CoronaVirus has on its financials. The airline plans to cancel up to 50% of their flights and ground their entire A380 fleet in the coming days.

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