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American Airlines will launch service between New York JFK and New Delhi in October 2021

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American Airlines has announced that they will launch a JFK-DEL non-stop in October 2021, alongside their Seattle – Bangalore non-stop making it two flights to arrive non-stop into India, after a hiatus that has been around since 2012 when the airline exited India after cutting its sole Chicago – Delhi flight. Here are the details.

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American discontinues its only flight to India, what is next?

  I woke up pretty bummed this morning, reading it first on Lucky’s blog, that American Airlines is discontinuing their ORD-DEL-ORD flight AA292/293 with effect from March 1, 2012.  The airline is perhaps using its time under the Chap 11 to take some hard calls, and killing their longest flight seems to be one of them. American has been offering this route on a Boeing 777-200 since November 2005, and till so far, it was their only route serving India. I was on this flight hardly 20 days back on my EXP qualification spree, but it looks like a no-brainer that those SWUs I earned will not be useful much longer. According to an article on The Street which quotes a veteran airline analyst…

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How to make a rough day rougher? Easy, delay a ultra long haul flight by about 3 hours…to start with

While I was still recovering from the bout of slamming doors and interconnecting rooms and disturbed sleep on my last night in Chicago, there is much more that was going to go wrong it seems than right. I arrived in time for my ORD-DEL flight AA292 which was boarding from gate K12 at O’Hare. I saw the plane arrive at the gate about an hour and forty minutes prior to departure (at about 2 PM for the 3:40 PM departure). Now I don’t know if it was the same plane that they use every day or rotate planes on the route. I’d assume everything was alright and I sat easy at the Admirals Club doing my final rounds of email…

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The AA/BA/IB transatlantic bonus miles promo is extended

AA, along with its transatlantic JV partners British Airways and Iberia has been offering a bonus mileage program for transatlantic flights on BA, IB or AA for a while now. On the table is the opportunity to earn 25K bonus miles on the first eligible TATL flight, 35K on the second TATL flight and 45K on the third and onwards…The initial promo was valid till end of 2011, but now the offer is extended to 15 March 2012. As earlier expected, it looks like AA is churning out miles like crazy and making sure it rewards loyal flyers enough to carry them along till they are out of the bankruptcy! While the opportunity for economy flyers is limited, since it is…

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130 hours to AA Executive Platinum

Living in India, a land of no airline alliances yet, I figure it was no point siding with an alliance just yet. Regular readers would observe that I’d fly Jet Airways most of the times to places I need to go to, since they service most key bases from India where I’d be expected to travel on work in Europe, USA and Asia. But, with the rapidly downgrading Jet Privilege program and the increasing difficulty with which I could get a seat or two for awards, I figured I’d have to change tack a bit. As a participant of the oneworld MegaDo in January, I was offered a status challenge on American Airlines which I gladly signed up for. The…

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Buy AAdvantage Miles with upto 33% bonus all the way till 31st December 2011!

This just in. I am not the one to be tracking AA too much but I guess with the OWMD they got me interested. Good for them to add another customer into their fold with the close association with the OWMD! 😉 Anyways, the main news for the day is that from the 1st December 2011 till the 31st December 2011, AA is offering 2,000 free AA miles when you buy 6,000 miles with them, and in multiples. This means, for 60,000 miles to be bought, you get 20,000 free AAdvantage miles. Yes, that is true! Now usually AA allows you to buy or receive gifts of upto 40,000 miles per calender year. For this month only, that limit has…

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Kingfisher Airlines prepares for oneworld, ties up with American Airlines for frequent flyer partnership

Kingfisher has been gradually in the process of setting up bilateral arrangements with various oneworld alliance member airlines to be able to come on board the alliance early 2012. It already has a tie-up with some notable ow carriers such as BA and Finnair, and has now lined up AA as a partner with effect from Nov 1, 2011. As a part of this agreement, KingClub members will be able to earn and redeem KingMiles on American Airlines flights, and AAdvantage members will be able to earn and redeem AAdvantage miles on Kingfisher flights. While this will not count for EQMs right now, once the membership in OW is confirmed, IT flights should count for EQMs also. Kingfisher is considered…

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Looks like I am up for a MegaDo!!!!

It was a test of technology that is now turning into a test of patience! This morning (late evening in India actually), I sat in front of my laptop waiting for the clock to strick 930 CDT. There were hints that the booking for the upcoming OW MegaDo in Jan2012 could start earlier than the 10AM deadline. Of course I was already envious of those who could have made it to the LAX launch party and had a right of first refusal to all seats on the plane. At roughly about 10 AM, the site started giving all the error messages which pointed to a huge rush. Despite the best efforts and intentions of the MilePoint team, where the…

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