Buy AAdvantage Miles with upto 33% bonus all the way till 31st December 2011!

This just in. I am not the one to be tracking AA too much but I guess with the OWMD they got me interested. Good for them to add another customer into their fold with the close association with the OWMD! 😉

Anyways, the main news for the day is that from the 1st December 2011 till the 31st December 2011, AA is offering 2,000 free AA miles when you buy 6,000 miles with them, and in multiples. This means, for 60,000 miles to be bought, you get 20,000 free AAdvantage miles. Yes, that is true! Now usually AA allows you to buy or receive gifts of upto 40,000 miles per calender year. For this month only, that limit has been brought up to 60,000 miles that can be received via buying or gifting into the account. AA had a similar offer last year also, like described by AAdvantageGeek.

You should also be informed there is a small tax per mile charged, and 30$ transaction fee on this transaction. But if you are looking to top off your own account, you should be interested in noting that on the higher end of the scale, if you bought the entire 60K miles (for 1650$), you get 20K miles extra, and all for an amount closer to $1700. This brings the cost per mile to $0.021 which is good.

Interesting sidenote if you choose to gift away the miles you buy, is that the purchaser of the miles gets the bonus miles and not the receiver. So, if you need to top off two accounts in one go, this is an interesting opportunity to buy in one and gift to the other. The bonus miles do not count towards the 60K miles limit, so you don’t need to worry even if you have already used up your 40K miles quota this year!

Buy away, help em out of Ch11, and use these miles for some good award seats! 😉

Full details here!!!

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