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Project Sunrise Update: Airbus seems to be getting the upper hand over Boeing

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Boeing and Airbus, both competing for the airframe for the world’s longest flight, have turned in their bids for the equipment that can fly between London and Sydney. But there are interesting developments at both airframe makers, which may determine the fate of who will fly the longest flight eventually.

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Paris Airshow 2019 Day 3: The Regional Aircraft announce orders

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Day 3 of the Paris Airshow was supposed to be a washout, given the rain predictions for yesterday. But it was not, eventually and the weather held up very well for a great day of order announcements, amongst other stuff at the Paris Airshow. Boeing and Airbus had their big moments on Day 1 and 2, so the Paris Airshow 2019 Day 3 was more for the regional players, such as Embraer, ATR and others who would get down to making announcements. ATR launches a Short TakeOff & Landing version of the ATR42 Turboprop manufacturer ATR, which is a joint venture between Airbus and Leonardo launched a new version of their regional plane, the ATR 42, which can use runways…

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