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Flying from Mumbai to New York on Air India in times of the CoronaVirus lockdown

Here is a real-life experience flying back from India to the USA during the CoronaVirus caused lockdown which has stopped all flights inside India and from India to other countries. Air India has been doing a good job during these times. Check this out!

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Air India’s Vande Bharat Phase 2 start May 19: Over 100 Flights to 31 countries including Canada, Central Asia, Australia, Thailand planned

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The second phase of the Vande Bharat mission is scheduled to start on May 19 and go on till June 2,2020. In this phase, over 80 flights are planned from 24 countries across the globe at the moment, including in Europe, Central Asia and South East Asia.

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Government of India sets ball rolling on Evacuation Flights to India for over 100K people in the days ahead

The Government of India has initiated a plan to bring back home thousands of Indians back home on special evacuation flights. In the first phase, these flights will be operated by Air India using their fleets of 787s, 777s and A320/A321 aircraft. Here are all the details!

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All airlines operating in/to India directed to stop accepting reservations for flights from May 4, 2020

All the airlines operating inside India, as well as operating flights to India, have been told to stop the sale of flights to/from/within India till further notice, to make sure that the airlines won’t be able to take new reservations for the time being.

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Indian airlines are getting away with a LOT in the times of the Virus

The time to EFFECTIVELY regulate the airlines is now, but unfortunately, they are getting a free hand at doing a lot of things which they should not be doing at the moment. Consumer protection is not how it should have been during the times of CoVid-19.

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