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Air India Repatriation Flights to USA: Flying experience from Bengaluru to San Francisco

Here is a real-life experience flying back from India to the USA during the CoronaVirus caused lockdown which has stopped all flights inside India and from India to other countries. Air India has been doing a good job during these times. Check this out!

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Full list of Air India Repatriation Flights to USA/Canada/Europe/Australia/Asia for June 2020

Air India is planning to operate 356 flights around the world to bring Indians back home. The good news is, people from India to the other part of the world will also be able to fly out on these flights when they head out to other parts of the world.

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Air India Evacuation Flights to/from USA/Canada going daily in June 2020

Air India is planning to up the number of flights to the USA and Canada significantly. Air India flights to the East and West Coast will operate daily from June 12 onwards, and also to Toronto and Washington DC amongst other places. There should be a lot of seats to go around, but the prices will be high.

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