Please welcome Rohini to the LFAL team!

As LiveFromALounge grows in age, we are also increasing in size. We have been focussed on the Global Indian for a long while, and have been looking to add coverage in places where Indians live, apart from India. The Middle East is one such zone for us, and Dubai is the hub of this activity.

So, we have been looking forward to adding content with a Middle-Eastern perspective, given it continues to remain one of the busiest places to go for Indians for work as well as vacations. Lucky we have lots of friends and family in the region, and we found the perfect person right at home to do this for us on an ongoing basis.


Allow us to introduce you to Rohini Prasad. Rohini is an entrepreneur by day along with being a healthy dose of writer and traveller. By night, she is a deal-hunter. Living in Dubai after many years in Paris, London and Delhi, we invited Rohini to share perspective about everything Middle East concerning travel, points, and miles.

Her latest encounter with the miles and points world include not just her own learnings, but being the designated travel planner for her family. She fixed her husband to allocate spends to the right hotel program, and now, she is sitting on tonnes of free night certificates, hotel points and more.

Rohini’s posts will start to appear over the next few days on our site, but till then, say hello to her, and flood her with all your questions about the Middle East.


  1. Welcome Rohini to LFAL. We, the readers love the posts by Ajay and Shipra. I am thrilled that your Middle Eastern perspective would bring more enriching experiences to all of us. All the best..!

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