18,000 JPMiles for 5,000 Rupees!

Jet Airways and ICICI Bank have been issuing co-branded credit cards since 2012. Over this five year partnership, this has been a card that has been used very well in our household. Ajay has already reviewed the benefits of the Amex and Visa versions of the Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card and shared the details.

icici bank jet airways rubyx credit card

Basically, for an annual fee of INR 5,000 plus GST, you get 10,000 bonus JPMiles and free base fare ticket as well. Apart from the lounge benefits and the opportunity to earn JPMiles on your daily spends, the bonus air miles and the free ticket itself make this worth the annual fee.

An additional 8000 JPMiles on applying now

JetPrivilege is currently offering a limited time promotional offer where you get 8,000 bonus JPmiles if you apply for this card through the Jet Airways card portal. The 8,000 JPMiles are on top of the 10,000 signup JPMiles that come with this card. So, essentially for INR 5,000, you are getting 18,000 JPMiles plus a one-way free ticket on Jet Airways.

earn bonus JPMiles

The listed price to purchase JPMiles is INR 1.25/JPMile, however, here you are only paying 30 paise per JPMile that you initially get. That’s a deal!

How far can 18000 JPMiles take you?

18,000 JPMiles are enough to get a redemption ticket on multiple domestic sectors. For example, Mumbai to Delhi round trip only costs 17,000 JPMiles.  Not just this you can use these air miles to fly on short international sectors like to Kathmandu, Colombo and Dubai. Delhi to Kathmandu return tickets in summers can go all the way up to INR 20,000 per person while on miles the economy roundtrip works out to just 12,000 JPMiles.

earn bonus JPMiles

While the above card is a no-brainer to have in your wallet. Here are two other co-branded cards where Jet Privilege is currently offering bonus JPMiles.

Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa/Amex card (6,000 bonus JPMiles)

For an annual fee of INR 2,500, you get 5,000 JPMiles for signup plus 6,000 bonus JPMiles along with a one-way free domestic ticket. This means you get 1 JPMile for INR 0.23. For 11k JPMiles, you can easily get a return Mumbai Goa ticket.

Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa/Amex card (4,000 bonus JPMiles)

This card is for all those you who want to keep it light on the pocket. For an annual fee of INR 1,250, you get 2,500 JPMiles for signup and an additional 4,000 JPMiles. So, for a total of 6,500 JPMiles, all you are shelling out is INR 0.20 per mile or you can think of it like this, INR 1250 gets you a Mumbai to Bangalore redemption ticket.


I’d think these are good cards to have in your pocket to maximise your spends with Jet Airways. The free one-way ticket and the benefits on offer justify the price point. Even if you just looked at the startup miles, you get JPMiles for as low as INR 0.20 per mile in this case, which is one-sixth the price of buying JPMiles.

What do you think about the new promotional offer on the ICICI Bank Jet Airways Rubyx credit card and the whole bunch of them? 


  1. For those applying for the card.. apply for Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa/Amex card for Rs. 2500/- . Use one way free domestic ticket for one side of the trip and 11k points for the other side. So basically, a trip in 2500rs is not bad and then you may get the card closed.

    @ajay – will jet allow for same / corresponding month of usage of free ticket and closure of card next month to it?

  2. Hi Shipra, would you know if JP or ICICI is responsible for the fulfillment of the Bonus Miles?

  3. Would you guys be doing your credit card strategy post this year? It is helpful, and look forward to reading it!

    • Hi Neil, We’d love to, Although work is keeping us really busy and we haven’t been able to find time to crunch the numbers.

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