15,000 Radisson Rewards bonus points for one night stay!

Radisson Hotels are offering a fabulous new promotion where members can earn 15,000 Radisson Rewards bonus points by completing a single night’s stay at any of their 1100+ hotels across the globe.

Radisson Rewards bonus points

To avail this offer, members have to first register online. Once that is done, you have to do is book your stay on the Radisson Hotels website, and stay with them anytime through December 28, 2018. While the offer appears to be a targeted promotion, I was still able to register online. Though that doesn’t guarantee that I’ll get the bonus. But at the same time, there’s no harm in registering if you are planning on booking a stay during the offer period. Shipra and Ajay both got the offer emails.

Radisson Rewards bonus points

Also if you choose to pay using cash+points for your stay, you still are eligible for the 15,000 point bonus. You only need to register once, but you must register before check-out for that stay to count for the Promotion.

What can 15,000 Radisson Rewards points get you? How about staying at the Radisson Bengaluru City Center, located in heart of Bengaluru on your next trip for 15,000 points/night? Earn an additional 3,000 points and you can do a weekend getaway at the Radisson Srinagar or Radisson Jodhpur which start at 9,000 points/night.

radisson rewards bonus points

Some key terms and conditions of this promotion include:

  • Pre-existing reservations for stays during the Promotion Period are not eligible.
  • The one-time bonus will be credited to the member’s account when the standard points are credited.
  • This offer is not valid for stays consumed at Prizeotel.


Radisson Rewards’ new promotion is a fantastic way to earn a large chunk of points with minimal effort. If you have received the email from them, it’s perhaps a good idea to complete that one night stay. Even a mattress run makes sense, considering that a stay at a budget Country Inn & Suites too will get you this bonus.

Have you registered for this new Radisson Rewards promotion yet? Book here


  1. Do we get 3000 extra if we book through their app? Or we have to book through their site only? can i book through other sites like yatra or mmt and still be eligible for the offer?

  2. Does it mention anywhere specifically that the booking must be done directly through the Radisson website to avail this offer or can it be done via 3rd party (corporate booking) and just quoting the membership number at check-in will suffice?

  3. It’s a weird implementation. T&C says to be eligible for the Promotion, you must have received a private email invitation to participate in the promotion (“Eligible Member”).

    Well I didn’t receive an invitation email but was able to register and even get a confirmation! So contradictory!

    How about those who have unsubscribed from receiving promotion and offer emails? Should I assume they are never eligible for any targeted offer?

    • Don’t book if you have not received an email invitation. By just registering, you will not get the 15000 points. I have learnt this through personal experience. This is not the first time Carlson group is running such an offer.

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