Watch: AAI officials at Pune Airport Satsang on Terminal Premises in office hours

Sometimes I figure I’ve seen a lot during my travels, and the one thing I haven’t seen at all is the tenacity of people. A few years ago, a band started to perform in terminal premises, as if it was a stadium and they had all the permissions to perform in a public place. They were kids. I would give it to them.

However, today, a reader shared with me a video, which has me going berzerk. This video was shot at the Pune airport, on the terminal premises. A few Airport Authority of India staff has been recorded dancing to Satsang tunes (a spiritual gathering) inside the terminal, in full view of the travelling public and airline staff.

This has me livid. On the one hand, we have safety incidents in the sky where the whole airline gets roasted for one person’s mistake, and the brand gets sullied. On the other hand, things like these go unchecked, and as a taxpayer, I am made to pay for this without wanting to pay for stuff like this. Like really, at the workplace? Which also happens to be a public facility paid for by the public.

What do you make of this incident and would you let it happen on your watch? Do let have your views. 


  1. Don’t intend to troll or demean… But the current government apparatus would appreciate such an open display and practice of religion at the cost of productivity. Sad state but true.

  2. Very common in Pune airport. I think this is a monthly ritual. Last time I saw Hare Krishna chants and passengers grooving along with the staff.

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