Fly Business Class at 65% discount with LifeMiles!

Update: You can get a better deal of 145% bonus on LifeMiles here. 

One of the ways to use your air miles is to burn them for premium cabin award redemptions. However, where your miles can get you to differ from frequent flyer program to program. From the Star Alliance pack, Avianca’s LifeMiles can offer amazing value on bookings. You can either earn miles by flying or buy miles outright. A couple of weeks ago, there was a crazy good Lifemiles promotion which introduced LifeMiles to many of our readers for the first time.

LifeMiles purchase bonus

Currently, there is a targeted LifeMiles purchase bonus promotion going on where you can receive up to 140% more miles when you buy miles, bringing the cost to about INR 1/ USD 0.0014 per mile.

LifeMiles purchase bonus

And with all those miles, you can book some incredible award flights.

Mumbai – Tokyo one-way in ANA Business Class for 48,000 LifeMiles

a screenshot of a flight schedule

For 48,000 LifeMiles, you can fly to Tokyo from Mumbai on All Nippon Airways. If you were paying cash, the same flight would’ve cost you close to INR 138,399 (USD 2,016). That’s a 65% saving right there.

a screen shot of a chart

Mumbai to Tokyo on ANA Business Class for 48,000 LifeMiles

Delhi – Munich one-way in Lufthansa Business Class for 45,000 LifeMiles

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Sometimes, you’d have difficulty finding award space. One way to work around this problem is to book a ticket destination closest to your final destination. For example, if you can’t find a redemption between Delhi and Frankfurt, look at Munich instead. A one-way ticket would cost you around INR 1,34,000 (USD 1,952), but you can do the same trip for 45,000 LifeMiles. Munich and Frankfurt are very well connected by rail and roads.

a screen shot of a chart

New Delhi to Munich on Lufthansa Business Class for 45,000 LifeMiles

Delhi – Istanbul one-way in Turkish Airline Business Class for 45,000 LifeMiles

a screenshot of a flight schedule

You can fly pretty to every part of the world via Istanbul on Turkish Airlines. Arrive at their new airport in style for just 45,000 LifeMiles when you fly from Delhi in Business class. If you were paying cash, you’d get the same ticket for around INR 1,08,000. So by going the LifeMiles way, you cut your cost by half!

a screenshot of a plane

New Delhi to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines Business Class for 45,000 LifeMiles

And the best part about Avianca LifeMiles redemptions is that there is no extra fuel surcharge or taxes. If you’d like you to buy LifeMiles for cheap, head over to their website and buy them before November 26, 2018. Here are some key terms to keep in mind:

  • Minimum purchase of 1000 LifeMiles required.
  • The bonus for this promotion is 2×1+40%
  • The bonuses are calculated based on the miles purchased per individual transaction without taking into account the 2×1 bonus.
  • This promotion is exclusive for LifeMiles member that have received this email directly from LifeMiles.


You can unlock some amazing value using Avianca LifeMiles for Star Alliance partner award flights. And with this LifeMiles purchase bonus, you get more than double the LifeMiles for the same price. If you have an upcoming trip in mind, make sure to check for award space availability before you go buying LifeMiles.

Have you bought or redeemed LifeMiles? What has been your experience with them?


  1. I would be very careful before buying LifeMiles. They have a very very bad website which you don’t know when it will crash. Also they have a even worse call center & last but not least had 2 devaluation’s in last year, also miles expire in a year if you don’t use them. If you don’t have a trip planned don’t buy them. You will definitely lose value. They have been printing miles like anything. Another devaluation is one the way.

    • @Rukmi, seems you had an incident with them. do advise what happened. All of the stuff you wrote here has already been discussed by us before. The website works fine, and in spite of their kinks, they are the best redemptions on Star Alliance.

      • @Ajay, was booking First Class from ORD-BKK. All was good then the website crashed on me before the booking went through. After looking again miles were already taken without any confirmation or nothing. Called the call center was told no English speaking agent is available for 2 days in a row. Finally convinced a Spanish speaking colleague to talk with them and get it sorted. Almost took 5 days to get all that done. Also I think they are going to have a big devaluation very soon looking at the number of the miles they are selling. So unless you are going to redeem the miles in a few months after buying them I won’t recommend buying them. Also being based in US I was lucky to have a Spanish speaking colleague to help me out. Someone in India might not have that luxury.

        • @Rukmi, selling miles is the business model of a lot of mileage programs. That off chance that they will raise redemption rates always exists. That is why we ask people to buy them when they need the miles.

  2. Ashwant,

    I don’t think it’s a right way one way fares. For the example Delhi to Munich, I am seeing a fare of 1.63L for a round trip compared to 1.33L one way

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