IHG Double Points and More offer Extended!

IHG Rewards Club launched the fall edition of the Accelerate promotion in a new avatar back in September 2018. If you were up for the challenge, you earned double points on stays as well as bonus points when you reached specific milestones. IHG Rewards Club recently tweaked this promotion to make it better for members.

IHG Double Points and more offer

To refresh your memory, you start by registering the IHG website. Once registered, you can access the dashboard to see what your tasks are going to be. Keep in mind that the tasks given to you are applicable only on qualifying rates. Some of the last Accelerate promotions on similar lines included 2018 Summer, 2018 Spring and 2017 Fall.

Previously, you could earn double points on stays, from your second stay onward through December 16, 2018. This date has been moved to December 31, 2018. That means you have another two weeks to earn 2X points on your IHG stays.

The second update is even better. Before, the number of bonus points that earned on stays was capped at 15,000 points. If you stayed with IHG often, it is easy for you to hit this number. IHG has now removed this cap. You can now earn as many bonus points as you can for stays through December 31, 2018. Somehow, the verbiage on the site still mentions the older terms.

The tasks to earn even more point though remain unchanged. In my case, I have two tasks when completed gets me another 9,500 IHG Rewards Club points through December 31, 2018.

IHG Accelerate promotion


IHG’s decision to extend the dates of the promotion as well as uncap bonus earnings is good news if you stay a lot with IHG. There are still 40 days left for this promotion, so if you wish to earn double points, make sure to register for this promotion first.

How many bonus points have you minted up till now with this IHG Double Points and More offer?

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