Indigo gets arrogant and pops fun at competitors

I’ve liked the Indigo brand from the word go, including their IATA identifier 6E, their look and feel and their tongue in cheek approach to everything including in-flight catering, crew to their advertising. Most of all, their on-time performance and the tight-ship approach which they follow to ensure a professional experience on every flight.

However, it looks like of late the customer-centric approach is being taken over by some amount of arrogance. I’ve met passengers in the past few months who’ve complained of service without a smile, and non-responsiveness from the airline when things don’t go right. I’ve personally faced this issue with them, since they are the only airline who don’t seem to be interested in refunding customers the excess airport fee they collected a few months ago. A couple of emails sent to them, but no response!

However, they’ve taken arrogance to a whole new level at the moment, popping fun at competitors using various media including inflight magazines and hoardings. Past few days, on the airport, you’ll find these tents and adverts floating around thanks to Indigo.

photo (8)

Now, a lot of inferences are going around, but the most discussed one is that these references are all to be made about the now-dead Kingfisher Airlines.

In their in-flight magazine, they take a stab at Jet Konnect/Jet Lite as well, have a look here:

photo (8)

Admittedly, they’ve taken it a bit too far I suppose. Unless they thought they are Virgin with Richard Branson on hand who could use his charisma to get away with anything including this at the launch of Virgin Red last week.

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Image courtesy: MSN

Your views? Am I taking this too seriously or is it okay for Indigo to get away with doing all of this and branding a competitor to Rest In Peace? Arrogance in, downfall begins is my belief.

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  1. Yes indigo has become too arrogant lately. I have had very bad and rude experiences with their ground staff on more than one occasions. They just don’t care about the customers anymore.

    Imho, it’s the beginning of their downfall…

  2. Sad to see that when Branson does it he is called charismatic when Indigo does it people get their panties in a bunch

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